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Celebrating Brilliantly in the 2022 Business Awards!

Brilliant-Online was a finalist in the Outstanding Start-up on the Mid North Coast and we were simply thrilled to be a part of the celebrations of so many amazing businesses!

Brilliant-Online was among the finalists for Outstanding Start-Up and we were looking forward to being at the event to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with all these businesses we love and know so well.

The Business Awards was an important event for us, because the evening felt like a recognition of the work we do at Brilliant, and a reminder to ourselves to be proud of what we do for these businesses - making them sparkle and be famous!

2022 Business Awards Brilliant Online Finalist Outstanding Start Up

Our September edition proudly featured the long-awaited 2022 Wauchope Business Awards winners. It was packed full of celebrations and recognition of the hard work of so many people in our community.

Every day we dream and let our imagination fly about how to make Brilliant-Online even more magical so that our stories can become a focal point of interaction and engagement for readers, advertisers and communities. We have more than 35,000 Brilliant readers now and as our community and businesses grow, so do we.

Brilliant-Online is here to support our communities and create opportunities for businesses to engage easily with their communities. As we support businesses around us, our communities will also thrive. In our modern age of competition, it is even more important to us to uphold our Brilliant values - there is plenty to go around and we want to celebrate everyone's win!

We wouldn't be able to celebrate others if we're not able to celebrate ourselves too! We as a Brilliant Team, are proud of every single day's work we put in, since our conception during the pandemic.

We continue to be passionate and bold in paving modern pathways making a positive difference to everyone who comes into contact with us. We own every action and believe one can never have too much kindness to give. Everyone and everything is worthy of respect in our Brilliant world.

Veronica Lind and Chrissy Jones from the Brilliant Team at the Business NSW awards
Veronica Lind and Chrissy Jones from the Brilliant Team at the Business NSW awards. Photo: Lucy Humphries

And it cannot be said enough - a big Thank You to our Bright and Brilliant team!

  • Chrissy Jones (Commercial Executive) who is there to hear the voices of businesses in our communities,

  • Ben Tirebuck (Editor) who makes sure our stories pack a punch and engages readers,

  • Yann Tyng (Writer) who helps each business' story shine,

  • Adan (Graphic Designer) for making our visuals sparkle, and

  • Selena Hata (Marketing Assistant) for having so many hats on and helping everything run smoothly!

Join our Brilliant-Online world where businesses sell without selling across the planet. From reaching new audiences to engaging with existing stakeholders, we help make sure your stories get heard, and your business continues to grow thanks to our online multi-dimensional advertorial platform. It is truly a magical publication in the global marketplace. Simply Brilliant!

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