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Why Advertisers wanted to partner with Brilliant-Online

Multichannel Interactive Advertising  that Works!

Our Brilliant Team can create a magical experience helping you succeed in building positive brand perception and reach a wider audience.

What's included in Brilliant Ads
Novak Djokovic - Photographer Andy Cheung - Arck Photography featured on Brilliant-Online_
Advertise Brilliantly

➸ The only one price multi-channel interactive advertorial platform
➸ Interactive editorials and ads in the Brilliant-Online Magazine

➸ Blog feature stories written by professional editors
➸ Ad banners
➸ Advertorials shared across all social platforms 
➸ 15,000 email subscribers and growing

We make people famous and businesses sparkle!

You will be pleased to know that your advertisements are brilliant stories the world wants to hear and you know they are being seen and heard because your ads are trackable across modern online and social channels.

It's our art of selling without selling and building brand confidence.

So convenient! Brilliant-Online Advertising is one single multichannel ad package consisting of:


  • Interactive advertorials in Brilliant monthly online magazine

  • Banner ads

  • Feature stories

  • Social sharing

  • e-Mail snippets

How Brilliant is that!

Brilliant-Online Advertising Reach
Brilliant-Online advertising reach .jpg

As a client of Brilliant-Online, the stories we tell about you and your business will sparkle.

Please read our terms and conditions that governs these editorials and advertorials and how we operate with our clients.


"Brilliant-Online looks like a good way to get your magazine fix wherever you go. Brilliant-Online will give us exposure to new markets,

such as the broad Brilliant-Online subscriber base which will be valuable for the company. Its strong marketing package is

highly effective in taking us deeper into a new audience. Stories featured are fully engaged on social media, so

companies can be exposed to new markets and investors.

Getting featured on Brilliant's SEO rich blogs offers overall good value in getting our stories out there. In less than a week

we had 3,529 views. That’s brilliant!"

Thomas Line, CEO
Taruga Minerals Limited (ASX:TIE)



What are you waiting for?

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