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Yann Tyng Kooi

✦ Content Expert, Brilliant-Online
✦ Written thousands of B2B and B2C stories
Yann Tyng's favourite stories

We have clients who cry when they read their own stories

Yann Tyng Kooi is one of Brilliant-Online magazine's writers delighting in bringing inspiring stories to its global readership. 

A graduate from the National University of Singapore with an Honours Degree in English Literature, Yann Tyng is currently based in Spain as an EFL teacher and Content Writer for Vermilion Pinstripes

TEFL and CELTA certified, she has been teaching Young Learners and In-Company classes as well as preparing students for official exams. You will often find Yann Tyng Zoom-ing online helping her students trust and value their own language skills. 

As a writer, Yann Tyng gets to inform, inspire, entertain, comfort or intrigue people, evoke emotions and ultimately, help people find common grounds for understanding and empathy. Telling stories is a way of making an emotional connection with someone one may not even know. As humans, we all need and crave connection and language is a way to nurture that connection. She thrives on the value that communities bring and the many opportunities that are available to celebrate every person's unique wins. 

Yann Tyng finds value in learning and staying curious - she enjoys being an eternal student. She is currently learning Hungarian and getting therapeutic stress-release sessions at her ballet classes. She is also a very willing slave to a magical black cat she lives with and whom she considers to be her spiritual guru.

Yann Tyng's favourite stories
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