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✦ Graphic Designer, Brilliant-Online

Taking stories further with his creative visual impact

Originally from Medan, Indonesia, Adan has been a Graphic Designer since 2010 and has been expanding his palette in freelance design since 2018. 


He has harnessed a wide variety of experience across industries, having been the creative eye in companies such as French Bakery & Bistro Restaurant, Balai Sarbini Building in Jakarta, SHARP electronics Japan (Jakarta headquarters) and the Wyndham Hotel in Palembang.


For Adan, what gets his creative juices pumping is being able to create works that not just match the client's wishes, but go beyond and exceed their expectations. It is all about making a positive impact on his clients' business.


Outside the world of gradients and typefaces, Adan can be found in the comfort of his home where he is very much a part of his home team with his wife taking care of the children and putting the house in order. 


If you want to engage Adan in a deep, long conversation, there are two magic words you can use - Harley Davidson. Our Brilliant Graphic Designer is also a motorcycle mechanic and he is ever ready to get excited about anything related to a beautiful Harley Davidson. It is what gets his fingers tingling and his heart pumping. Weekends are his special time when he has friends come over to repair their touring motorbikes. There's nothing like getting together with your buddies and sharing in a common passion. 


Gratitude plays a big role in Adan's life and it is what gives him inspiration in all areas of his life. Our modern times require big doses of gratitude, and being grateful for God's blessings is something he practises every day. Connections which he gets from family, community or the team at work is a big driving factor for Adan. Being with people who are fun, patient and supportive of each other inspires him to go further in everything he does. 


Adan is on a Brilliant ride of his life, and if you are going to hop on your Harley Davidson, remember to swing by and say hi to Adan while you are on your tour. 

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