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Latest Edition of Brilliant-Online Magazine June 2024 Issue

Our Simply Oar-some Issue this month celebrates the value of teamwork. Be it in sports or nurturing young lives, a group achieves much more than doing it alone.


Everywhere we go, we see the interconnectedness of our humanity. Be it in our families, communities or at work, teamwork occurs on a daily basis. We see how it brought back the silver medal for our Australian Youth team at the recent Cheerleading World Championships 2024 in the USA. Well done to Loghan Sculthorpe and his team for their incredible dedication and hard work!

As we celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, we take a look at a most unique team sports - Dragon Boat Racing! The symbol of the majestic dragon on the vessels certainly gives the sport a special aura. It's a great team-building experience for companies!

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