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Meet the Stars! They're shining Brilliantly!

Updated: Jan 19

✦ Our Brilliant-Online team brings together experts from a variety of backgrounds, and it's this wealth of diversity and experience that makes for brilliant stories.

We turn the spotlight and shine on our very own Brilliant-Online team to find out what makes them shine and how they are contributing to making Brilliant businesses glow.

Ben Tirebuck - Editor

The secret to my success is purely based on my love of language and storytelling.

Ben Tirebuck, Editor, Brilliant-Online Magazine

From a very early age I fell in love with words and stories and was always reading and writing. There is something so uniquely powerful about storytelling. Indeed, when you come to think about it, stories very much form the backbone of our existence and how we have evolved as a species and society. From the dawn of time stories have been created and passed down through the generations. Many fictional, many not, they have helped create and shape the world as we know it today, forming folklore, laws, religion, customs – the list literally goes on and on. Art, literature, history, music, movies, they all use language to tell stories in their own inimitable way. I have merely jumped on this bandwagon and used a natural inclination and ability towards language to create and relay stories throughout my career. Not much tops consuming or creating a good story in my opinion, and I take particular delight in being able to tell someone’s story, to bring their life journey or experience to a broader audience. Many people have wonderful stories to share but just don’t have the means or confidence to articulate them well enough to do justice and that is where I believe I can step in and help clients.

Storytelling is the basis of any successful sales or marketing campaign so being able to help someone share their story in a unique way can significantly help an individual or a business.

Receiving positive feedback from these subjects always generates a warm glow of pride and raises a smile.

Being compassionate with the person or subject is key. Engaging and understanding the real hook of the tale always forms the basis and allows me to develop things. Also, thinking a little left of centre and attempting to adopt a slightly unorthodox approach is something I have always tried to embrace, be it the subject I am focused on or the manner in which I attempt to relay it. I wouldn’t say I am necessarily rebellious but adopting the moniker of the shepherd as opposed to the sheep is something I have always done and which I believe has placed me in good stead professionally. Think outside the box and use the power of language to create unique, engaging and impactful stories. It’s something I very much hope to be able to continue doing for many years to come.

Veronica Lind - CEO

Veronica Lind, CEO, Brilliant Magazine

For advertisers, Brilliant-Online is really the first and only one of its kind on the market currently, as an interactive, multi-media advertorial platform that puts a whole new spin on the traditional magazine / newspaper, and even going beyond what other digital formats are offering. When readers browse through Brilliant-Online, it somehow seems vaguely familiar, as if you've seen it before. You would if you know about Harry Potter's magical world.

The Daily Prophet is pure fiction and perhaps no one would have thought further to take it out of the fictional world to make it real. I'm of the mindset of always wondering, "What if?", "How about?", "Why not?" and "How can we make this happen?"

I see myself as a Technology Magician. No rabbits in my hat but I make magic real. If I can envision it, I can make it come true.

With built-in digital portals that allow the interweaving of layers of interaction to create a captivating new multi-dimensional communications medium, and embedding Brilliant pages with an array of QR codes, links to websites and videos, pop-up files, animations, audio files and podcasts, Brilliant-Online has made the Daily Prophet possible.

What I'm really proud of though, is that Brilliant-Online was born in the midst of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and it is testament to its ability to bring worthy businesses' stories far and wide in spite of challenging times.

The world of technology and modern marketing strategies, sales and business development is my natural environment and it is where I can truly let my brain stretch its legs. As a multipotentialite, I never really stop and my brain needs constant challenges to keep it happy and robust.

I have been an entrepreneur, technologist and international marketer, helping businesses thrive by empowering them with the tools and strategies to turn their business around. The key here is to ask, how can we as a business, stay Personable, Relevant and Admirable?

Whichever role I am in, sell without selling is my mantra and it has helped many businesses that needed that boost of confidence. Ultimately, when businesses benefit from what I do, I get that rush of adrenaline when I see their marketing strategies really take off and generate benefits, their customers stay loyal and keep returning, and businesses are really enjoying making long-lasting, meaningful engagement with their customers.

Chrissy Jones - Sales and Operations Manager

I essentially see myself as a people person, and if there was a role that I could apply for, I'd say I'm a Client Satisfaction Expert!
Chrissy Jones, Business Development, Brilliant Online Magazine

I love a good chat and meeting new people. Being open and curious helps me to really listen to people's stories and identify their essence and what they need. As Sales and Operations Manager at Brilliant-Online, client satisfaction is key. When I speak to a new business, they need to know that I'm here to help their business grow as smoothly as possible.

I have spent over 18 years in media, communications and sales. Customers love working with me because they know I can guide them with their advertising needs in a way that goes beyond the industry's benchmark. I'm not here to tell them to place an ad here or there. That they already know. What I'm bringing in are my innate skills and experience of promoting people and businesses in a way that sincerely and inevitably attracts people to them. One can study several degrees and read a dozen books on this, but I do believe it's something that I was born with.

I have always been highly involved in my community and I'm passionate about my hometown, Wauchope NSW. There's nowhere else I really want to be. This is my home and happy place and where I thrive. I have been on the committee of the Wauchope Lasiandra Festival for over 25 years, having held the position of both President and Secretary. I just love promoting the festival and bringing visitors to the town.

So for every client that I meet, I treat them like I would my hometown. I believe in it, and I want it to grow and endure. How do I promote each business so that they can thrive? At the end of the day, it's all about the human connection and while we have information, knowledge, technology etc. to support what we do, I think it's paramount we don't forget that we are all 100% ecological organic humans that really crave being seen and heard and wanting to do and give our best. When I interview clients, I listen and not just hear them. I get to the core of what they need and guide them to the next level where they can feel or rekindle that spark of enthusiasm they may have forgotten or perhaps were not even aware of.

It's a good day for me when clients come back to me with eyes shining and feeling excited about how their business is doing. When one business grows, so does our community. We're all in it together and that's what I love about what I do, helping businesses to shine brilliantly!

Our Brilliant team is here to bring businesses the glow they need to get excited about their business, and to share their brilliant stories with the rest of the world. Does your business have a Brilliant story you'd like to be heard around the world? Speak to our Brilliant Team and let's get that spark going!

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