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Ben Tirebuck

✦ ​Editor, Brilliant-Online
✦ Ben has a love affair with the written word
Editor notes

The Brilliant Storyteller

Storytelling is in Ben’s nature and has been from a very early age. As a youngster growing up in England, he would write his own tales on a variety of topics, from self-created action stories to reports on local and national sports events, while devouring a range of eclectic books to feed his ever inquisitive mind.


After graduating from Manchester University with a degree in English Literature, he decided to don the backpack and set out to see the world proper, travelling through and living in Europe, the USA, Australia and New Zealand, and most of Asia. He lived and worked in Sydney, Tokyo, Shanghai, San Diego, Singapore and now, almost a quarter of century later, the idyllic island of Phuket in Thailand.


Ben’s background is predominantly in the media world where he has held a series of positions in editorial, sales, marketing and business development. Senior positions at Thomson Reuters and then Bloomberg saw him conceptualise, create and deliver a series of industry-defining platforms for the banking and financial sector which became very much the benchmark in that field.


Having frequently visited the island of Phuket with his partner for many years while living in Singapore, they and their two adopted cats jumped at the opportunity to move there full-time in late 2019 where Ben took up the role of sports and news editor at the renowned island newspaper The Phuket News.


This has allowed Ben to continue his love affair with the written word as he reports on local, national and global news in addition to sports, one of his favourite pastimes.


Working with Brilliant-Online has provided a further platform for him to indulge his passion of story-telling across a wide range of affairs, something he very much looks forward to continuing for many years to come!

Editor's Notes
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