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Meet our Brilliant Team

✦ ​The brilliant team that makes you and your business famous 

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Veronica Lind Brilliant-Online Team.png
Veronica Lind


With Veronica's technology and marketing expertise came the development of an interactive, multi-media magazine that gives a whole new meaning to what magazines and newspapers have traditionally been.

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Ben Tirebuck Brilliant-Online Team.png
Ben Tirebuck

✦ Editor

As a boy growing up in England, Ben would write his own tales on a variety of topics, from self-created action stories to reports on local and national sports events, while devouring a range of eclectic books to feed his ever inquisitive mind.

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Adan, Brilliant-Online Graphic Designer.png

✦ Graphic Designer

For Adan, what gets his creative juices pumping is being able to create works that not just match the client's wishes, but go beyond and exceed their expectations. It is all about making a positive impact on his clients' business.

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Chrisy Jones Brilliant-Online Team.png
Chrissy Jones

✦ Commercial Executive

Chrissy harnesses expertise gained throughout her career with the magazine’s array of digital advertising, sales and operations.

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Kooi Yann Tyng Brilliant-Online Team.png
Yann Tyng Kooi

✦ Content Expert

Yann Tyng gets to inform, inspire, entertain, comfort or intrigue people, evoke emotions and ultimately, help people find common grounds for understanding and empathy. 

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