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Brilliant Interactive Advertorials tell stories that make people and businesses famous

Updated: Jan 19

✦ A key feature that stands out in our Brilliant-Online advertising package is that your advertisement includes your ad featured across multiple channels.

Not only is your advertorial showcased in our Interactive Brilliant-Online Magazine, which is published in and emailed to 19,668 subscribers, it is also shared across our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google My Business).

We are the only interactive advertising company that has a multichannel or omnichannel advertising package. One package, one price - we don't charge each item separately because we know this kind of advertising works more effectively than single adverts.

The magazine content is interactive for higher reader retention and engagements

Readers can click on interactive articles and advertisements ( we use videos, podcasts, QR Codes etc.) and go straight to the source to find out more about advertisers products and services. Just one step. We make sure there is strong SEO so that the subject can be found quickly on searches.

Our highly experienced Journalists write stories that make people and businesses famous. The way the story is promoted gets you seen and heard across our Omnichannels.

Brilliant-online helps you succeed in building positive brand perception and reach a wider audience.


We believe storytelling your brand, products and services is a way to sell more without selling.

Advertising with Brilliant-Online is no-brainer! Some of Samso's videos have had 10,000 – 30,000 views (those that used Brilliant), while others have had 50 -200 (those that did not use Brilliant)! - Alex, NWR Communications

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Advertise with Brilliant-Online

✦ Brilliant-Online is the only publication that offers a single interactive multichannel advertising package.

✦ The purpose of Brilliant-Online is to push for a better world in the digital era.

✦ Brilliant-Online is an empowering read for progressive individuals and dynamic businesses.

✦ For all enquiries about advertising with Brilliant-Online, please contact us here.


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