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Helping Brilliant Businesses look good, feel good, do good

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

✦ Brilliant-Online has been doing good helping businesses look brilliant and feel brilliant.

Brilliant-Online shows that magic does exist. With our Harry Potter-inspired interactive advertising platform, we have been doing magic, empowering businesses to look good, feel good as they do good for the community with their skills, services and products.

We are helping progressive individuals and dynamic businesses tell valuable, accurate stories people want to hear, deepen knowledge and nurture engagements leading to direct, immediate connections. The magic is in creating positive brand perception and sharing their stories all over the world.

There is a growing Brilliant community of people coming together, pushing for a better world in the digital era. And we feel good doing good, Brilliant-style!

TG’S Childcare provide Life long quality care and learning as featured in Brilliant-Online
TG’S Childcare provide Life long quality care and learning

Achieving Brilliant Goals

When we started out, it was clear for us what our Brilliant goals were:

  1. Help Gig Businesses around the world sell without selling

  2. Help the business community reach new audiences or engage with existing stakeholders to get their stories heard

  3. Enable our clients to use Brilliant Magazine and online multi-dimensional advertorial platform for business growth

  4. Fill a gap in the global marketplace for a new type of publication

Veronica Lind and Chrissy Jones a friendship featured in Brilliant-Online
Veronica Lind and Chrissy Jones, a friendship that started something Brilliant

Fostering Brilliant Values

We are also guided by our Brilliant Values, which are:

  1. We believe in AUDACITY, being passionate and bold in setting modern pathways

  2. We believe in IMPACT, making a positive difference to those who come in contact with us

  3. We believe in ACCOUNTABILITY and own every action

  4. We believe in KINDNESS and treat everyone and everything with respect

Making Businesses Brilliant

"One of my sayings is: look good, feel good, do good." - Michelle Carter, Gold Medalist, Women's Shot Put, Olympic Games 2016

That is exactly what Brilliant-Online is doing in this space. We are helping businesses look good, feel good while they are doing good!

Brilliant-online supports businesses that are doing good

Do Good

What does it really mean to 'do good'? A common perception is giving to charity, volunteering or being kind and helpful. But how does an online magazine 'do good'?

We actually have lots of brilliant ideas up our sleeves! And we have been keeping busy Doing Good Brilliant-style since we started.

We cover a lot of community stories. It's one of the best parts of our job, because we get to meet so many amazing talents out there and listen to their stories. We got to know upcoming artistes in all different art forms and it has been such an eye-opener to get to hear their stories straight from the horse's mouth as they say.

We have supported community groups that are doing good

When we do good Brilliant-style, we want people to really get to know these artistes, first and foremost as actual, real people with their authentically human side. These artistes have willingly and generously opened up their stories to us, and we want to do right by them by sharing their genuine stories. It's about building connections and readers resonate with the most human parts of a story or a person. We listen for what is the essence of these upcoming artistes - what drives them, their joys and fears, hopes and dreams.

Ultimately, we help make upcoming artistes and businesses famous so they build positive brand perception. It's not enough for people to simply know about an artiste. They need to remember this person and have enough of an emotional connection with them to want to remember them, seek them out, and follow their story and progress.

We have met a whole gamut of artistes across the various art forms. There is something for everyone and every taste when you enter our Brilliant-Online magazine.

  • Music

Angus Gill is our Wauchope wunderkind in the bluegrass music genre who has recently won his first Golden Guitar Award for Bush Ballad of the Year for his song The Easy Way, co-written with Manfred Vijars, at the 50th CMAA Country Music Awards of Australia.

  • Circus

And if the circus and acrobatics is more your cup of tea, we have also shared Lucy Gamby Frost´s story on Brilliant-Online. We were bowled over by her street theatre, slapstick, comedy, partner acrobatics, escapology, musical saw, singing, fire, stunts, and pyrotechnics (and the list goes on)!

  • Dance

Dance enthusiasts out there read about our story on Macquarie Dance Academy (MDA), a university society established in Macquarie University, Sydney, NSW where dancing is their shared passion. A student group that focuses on street dance culture, it is bringing together people that have a passion for street dance and provide them with a platform to express themselves.

  • Art

Tim Walker creates fascinating art. If you've read about his story boxes on our magazine, you´ll want to have a go making one yourself. He uses paper tole to create little theatrical story boxes made from paper, cardboard, leather and finished off beautifully with paint.

We work with Wauchope Creative Hub to promote creative artists.

  • Writing

Intrigue is brewing in Wauchope with best-selling author Desley Polmear's murder mystery trilogy - Unlocked Secrets, followed by Just Before Midnight and Payback. She is sharing her talent and passion by inspiring a new generation of budding writers in Wauchope.

  • Photography

For shutterbugs out there, Craig Mason's story is an inspiring one to follow. Internationally renowned and award-winning wedding photographer, Craig knows just how to capture the essence of human emotions.

And our famous Sydney based sports photographer, Andy Cheung of Arck Photography.

Feel Good

When we do good, we FEEL good. We are pushing for a better world and we are doing that by sharing interesting stories that inspire. Doing good starts with each of us from where we are. Our Brilliant team knew what our objectives and values are, and we wanted to bring together our values, skills and experience to give back to our communities.

Brilliant-Online brings together every story that inspires. We curate this Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good experience in a way that is creative, exciting and sparks curiosity. Authenticity is what we go for in our stories and it is that magic ingredient of sharing genuine human stories that fosters meaningful connections with our Brilliant community all around the world. When you read our stories, it feels like you know each business already. It is an all round sensory experience where it is not just words but also interactive visuals and direct connections that engage you. We meet the needs of both sides - our readers gain value and knowledge about businesses, and brands get increased exposure and visibility.

Brilliant-Online was born during the difficult times of the pandemic, and it turns out we could not have brought this out at a better time. The pandemic was a hard knock, and it made us really assess why we were doing this. We knew if we went the whole mile, it was to make a difference and it would be going out with a brilliant bang. Ultimately, we wanted to create a brilliant experience that allowed businesses to be seen and appreciated as their authentic selves, and for them to build real connections to people in the community that would be long-lasting and meaningful.

Possibly our youngest Feel Good story hero is seven-year-old Jonah from Jonah Bakes. Together with My Blue Tea, we set up a fundraising for Jonah to give him a boost in motivation to achieve his dream of having his own bakery one day. Jonah battles a rare form of skeletal dysplasia amongst other challenges, and we wanted to share his brilliant bakes with everyone.

Children are indeed our future, and nobody knows it better than Gayle Kee from TG's Child Care. Here is a child care expert who really does care and she has dedicated her life to the care, stewardship and development of the children in the communities. She has been doing this for the past 24 years, and many children have passed through her safe, fun and loving environment. Playing is Learning for Life - this is a passion Gayle truly believes in and has provided to so many families over the years.

And we definitely could not miss out on sharing the incredible story of Zara Rutherford, the nineteen-year-old who flew solo around the world in 155 days. If this is not inspiring we don´t know what is! We´re so proud of her brilliant achievement, and to know that she is doing this to shine a light on and provide opportunities for women to get into STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) occupations.

We really loved sharing the story of Dr. Namira Williams from disAbility Maternity Care. She is doing good supporting parents with a disability to become the best parents they can be. disAbility Maternity Care was established to provide women with disability and service providers information to assist in supporting them to become mothers.

These and many more are our Feel Good stories. Stories that have the power to inspire also have the power to spark a change. When you feel good, you naturally have more and better energy to try something different, go the extra mile and fully be present and enjoy what you do.

Look Good

Let's face it, we all like to look good. Whatever 'good' means to each individual. It could be feeling clean and fresh after a shower, dressing up for a special event or wearing your most comfortable and favourite t-shirt and jeans combo.

Ever noticed how good it feels after even a simple haircut? Or having a good run at the gym?

We want to give that brilliant feeling to businesses that share their stories here. When businesses look good, they gain more confidence and get that extra boost of happy hormones that makes them not just enjoy what they do but also pushes them to go even further. At Brilliant-Online, it´s not just about showcasing brilliant businesses. It´s also about sharing happy business stories.

Many of these businesses and stories enhance the lives of our readers, sharing what it means and how to live one´s best life, whether it is physical or mental health.

“If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you play good.” - Deion Sanders, Hall of Fame cornerback

One can preach that beauty is skin deep, but psychology tells us that looking good can help even athletes play better. Feeling self-confident in how you look gives you an edge, not unlike a placebo effect. It´s something many of us have experienced - when we wear something that we think looks good on us, when we are delighted with our new haircut, there is a spring in our step that we didn't have before, and there is an openness to the body that feels more ready to tackle anything.

Brilliant-Online has been showcasing businesses that help their communities look good from the inside out, and from the outside in. When you take care of what´s going on inside, your joy comes out as a brilliant glow - looking good and feeling good go hand in hand.

TG's Child Care recognises the importance of healthy nutrition from an early age, which is why their mealtimes are fun times and healthy to boot!

My Body My Pilates has been promoting awareness of mental health in Japan. They organised free or donation-based pilates twice a month as well as a 30-Day Pilates Challenge to encourage as many people as possible to take that step to care for their physical and mental health.

My Body Pilates helps you look good and feel good as featured in Brilliant-Online
My Body Pilates helps you look good and feel good

Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good

We create a Brilliant impact on the businesses we feature by making them look good. Businesses feel good with us, and they get excited about the services they provide or the products they create.

It is about empowering businesses to take ownership of their business journeys, helping them stride towards their fullest potential. When small businesses grow, so do their communities, and everyone feels good.

Are you excited about how your business story would look and feel when we make it Brilliant?

Learn more about how our Brilliant advertising works its magic.


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