Brilliant Walks Side by Side with Businesses through a Pandemic Storm

Updated: Jan 18

Businesses Pushing for a Better World with Brilliant-Online

Brilliant-Online is six months into its creation and it is growing in its drive to Push for a Better World in our Digital Era.

We were born during a pandemic, and we continue to hold the fort and grow through the viral storm. And we are not doing this alone - a better world cannot emerge without the tenacity and drive of the businesses we support.

It has been very trying and turbulent times across the world. It is even more important that we share people's stories through these times. Every single business we have met and spoken to has a powerful story to share. At Brilliant-Online, apart from our technical wizardry, the core essence of what we do is to empower the human in all of us.

Why Tell Stories?

People love stories. And we respond to stories and remember them. Stories have the power to trigger an emotional reaction in us. It is also what makes something delicately human and identifiable. People resonate with stories.

Especially during our unpredictable and challenging times, be it a pandemic, natural catastrophes, civil unrest, all the more humans need a source of stability and a way of making sense of the world. Each person's narrative is their way of grounding themselves to what is happening around them, and a way to help them take the next best step. At Brilliant-Online, we are walking beside the small businesses in our communities. We continue to reach out and we want to listen to and share their stories.

Stories … protect us from chaos, ... Implicit in the extraordinary revival of storytelling is the possibility that we need stories — that they are a fundamental unit of knowledge, the foundation of memory, essential to the way we make sense of our lives: the beginning, middle and end of our personal and collective trajectories. - Bill Buford, nonfiction writer and former fiction editor at The New Yorker

What is even more uplifting is, the community wants to hear our clients' stories. That is why Brilliant-Online goes one step further in making storytelling ads that are interactive - this creates an even more powerful attraction and engagement than static ads. It is like giving businesses the flesh and blood it needs to be a real presence and not just a font on a page.

Brilliant-Online is an omnichannel interactive advertorial platform. This is where our professional journalists, visual communications and modern marketing experts narrate and present accurate and valuable client stories. This is how our clients can Sell without Selling and effectively Promote Positive Brand Perceptions.

Digital Magic

What does Brilliant-Online have that makes it stand out?

Brilliant-Online's entire platform is highly innovative, leveraging heavily on a combination of technologies to personalise experiences.

What Brilliant is doing here is having the creativity, audacity and passion in setting new pathways.

Our interactive advertorial platform is what Harry Potter's Daily Prophet Newspaper would look like, and that makes our work so exciting because it is like making magic real. Harry Potter had a traumatic childhood and the magic in his life gave him the power to grow beyond his difficulties.

As an interactive online monthly magazine, readers can access videos, podcasts, QR codes, links, and forms directly in the magazine itself. This means readers can engage immediately within each article. This real-time connection is what encourages readers to want to (easily) connect with the featured person or product. There is no need for them to move away from the magazine to hunt down the service or product and risk being lost or feeling frustrated with a search.

We have banner ads on our website that link to clients' stories. Brilliant-Online is the only one that accepts video banner ads. What people get in the market is the standard static images or GIFs. And at Brilliant, we love to take that stride forward and do something different and go beyond.

Our featured blog stories on our website comes power-packed with SEO, giving clients a visible boost with more than 300,000 monthly impressions and steadily increasing.

Brilliant-Online includes eMail snippets that reach out to more than 10,000 subscribers and 22,000 readers. All over the planet. This is a whole new level of engagement that is made possible with technology in our times.

When a story goes up on Brilliant-Online, it does not just stay there. The stories are shared everywhere on social platforms. Social platforms have become the virtual version of a tribal gathering around a fire where elders passed on stories to future generations.

And what brings the most reassurance and confidence to clients is knowing the performance of their ad spend. Clients can request for reports with demographics, reach and engagements, giving them real leads and insights as to who they are targeting and engaging with them more effectively. Clients finally have peace of mind, knowing that every penny they put in is converted into something that really works and is measurable. No more groping in the dark and second-guessing. We understand the concerns and worries of businesses, and this is how we step up in accountability and own every action.

”I am absolutely thrilled with my experience so far with Brilliant-Online. Chrissy is just wonderful, not pushy at all and she knows her stuff! Veronica’s foresight with Brilliant-Online is exactly that ... brilliant! I know that my marketing for my small business Utopian Living is in safe competent hands ... which means I can get on with what I do best ... creating! Thank you!" Michele 😊

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