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More than a one dimensional read

Brilliant Online is an empowering read for progressive individuals and dynamic businesses pushing for a better world in the digital era. Born witty, Brilliant unveils an online magazine featuring a variety of digital interactive content that makes it similar to the magical Daily Prophet newspaper of the Harry Potter books and films.

Like the famous newspaper of the teenage wizard and his Hogwarts schoolfriends, Brilliant is more than just a one-dimensional read. It’s embedded with QR codes and videos, pop-up files, animations, audio files, podcasts and websites to deepen its editorial and advertisements with extended information, colour and character.

The glossy online magazine is geared for reading on digital devices especially for progressive individuals and businesses of the digital era’s worldwide Gig Economy.

Brilliant readers are interested in your articles and stories

  • PERSPECTIVES of the world, environment, investments and businesses.

  • LUXE, latest trends and products fashion, motoring, grooming, watches, jewellery, design, technology, food and wine, travel, property, architecture and interiors.

  • FACE, aspiring individuals.

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Brilliant advertising

Brilliant is a product of the future with interactive links for readers to deepen their knowledge by reading further, or make direct connections with featured people or products.

For advertisers, Brilliant offers significant increase in return on their investment with unrivalled opportunities to present a variety of product information in attractive formats.


“Just like Harry Potter’s Daily Prophet newspaper, it gives a multi-dimensional reading experience that’s worlds apart from traditional magazine formats.


Together with its curated content that’s fresh and stimulating, Brilliant is a magical creation of the digital age.

Advertisers get reports on how their ads are performing.


Our Brilliant team of marketing and communications professionals will guide you on the best way to present your advertorials. You have a choice of these ads:

- Advertorials in Brilliant monthly online multimedia magazine

- Banner ads on our website

- Feature stories on our website

- eMail snippets sent to more than 12,000 subscribers

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