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Becoming More Brilliant

Brilliant-Online continues to grow in brilliance and magic in the art of selling

Brilliant Magic that works

It has been seven months of sharing brilliant stories with the world and we are still flying and discovering our own unique magic!

If seeing is believing, then what you will read below is proof that magic not only exists, but it works!

Noel Ong, CEO of Samso is one of our Brilliant media partners and he has found that since coming on board Brilliant, it has opened up exciting new aspects for more effective engagement with his clients and and even broader audience of investment communities. Samso shares their Compelling ASX Stories on Coffee with Samso, which on average gets 200 views for each video. With Brilliant-Online interactive advertising, each of their videos now gets up to 18,000 views. Numbers speak for themselves.

“It gives us a multi-dimensional digital canvas on which to portray an extended scope of our industry insights right across the investment landscape. We're amazed how results jumped 90x for our client Venture Minerals in just one month!" - Noel Ong, CEO Samso

Blending Magic with the Traditional

What makes Brilliant-Online such a curiosity and gives it a fresh feel is its blend of modern technology with the traditional. People still have a nostalgia for the traditional feel of a newspaper and magazine - there is something stable and dependable about it. What Brilliant-Online has done is to use that as a foundation of carrying on with the image of the traditional trustworthiness of a newspaper or magazine and blend in a Harry Potter style magic with digital wizardry. This vivid play of the traditional and the magical is what makes our magazine one that grabs the attention of readers and makes them want to stay on and read. And actually want to get to know the businesses featured on our magazine. All without having to leave Brilliant-Online.

A Bolder and More Brilliant Look

The digital era is one of constant change. We constantly strive to keep our content fresh, relevant and exciting. And as we move into our 7th month of being brilliantly online, we have created a new, bolder logo that ties in with our values of audacity. After all, we want our clients' stories and voices to be seen and heard.

Brilliant-Online new logo
Brilliant-Online new logo
The stars on our new logo are our magical symbols. They are there to shine brilliantly, because our clients' businesses and stories are bright and powerful. They tell impactful stories that sell without selling. The arrow is an adaptation from Harry Potter's Daily Prophet. We are making the magic real. And the even greater magic is in how we Sell Without Selling. It's like an Invisible Marketing Spell. And we don't even need wands or spells!

For businesses that have spent a long time feeling frustrated, confused, overwhelmed and intimidated by how to market their businesses to the world, Brilliant-Online has made it so clean and simple. Businesses step into the magical pages of Brilliant-Online and they start to even enjoy the process of growing their businesses.

Bringing Brilliant Businesses to the World

We have spent the past seven months promoting many exciting local companies to the world. Through Brilliant-Online, these businesses have come alive thanks to our digital wizardry where readers not only read, but also fully engage all other senses in watching their videos and listening to the voices of these businesses. It is this incredible level of engagement that makes businesses memorable to readers and all you need is Brilliant-Online to connect a business with potential customers. From all over the world. Through multiple channels.

We continue to work hard to deliver even better brand ROI, via our multichannel and omnichannel advertising. We are the only interactive advertising company that offers this multichannel and omnichannel advertising package, and all for one single price. Simply because this method is effective. And we are bold about it.

Our Brilliant Clients

We are so proud of the businesses who have been sharing their stories with us through these early months of Brilliant-Online's birth. Nowadays, many more consumers are supporting local businesses and brands in their communities. There is clearly a shift in values when it comes to buying. Consumers are more focused on the interdependence of businesses in communities and the impact they are making on the world and their environment. There is a lot more heart and human-ness being put into what and why people are selling and purchasing. We believe in the goals and aspirations of the businesses who have been sharing their stories with us, and we love working with businesses who share our values.

We certainly have our clients to thank who have believed in us so brilliantly from the very beginning. Some have been with us through the period when Brilliant-Online was being conceived as an idea, and without their motivation and trust in us, we wouldn't be celebrating our new magazine today.

Thank you to our clients for being simply Brilliant.

Shine with us

Depending on your goals, Brilliant-Online can help you with your marketing needs. We can build you an off-site landing page with specific call to action that has a contact form that captures relevant information and drives your audience through multiple email, blog and social touches for deeper engagements.


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