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Multichannel and Omnichannel Advertising Deliver Better Brand ROI

Updated: Jan 22

Brilliant Interactive Advertorials tell stories that make people famous and businesses sparkle. That means our clients can sell without selling and build brand confidence.

With Brilliant Advertising you get an opportunity to reach out to new audiences and our story telling feature is a way for you to create that positive brand perception to a wider audience.

“Brilliant opens up exciting new aspects for more effective engagement with both our clients and a broader audience of investment communities,” said Noel Ong, CEO of Samso. “It gives us a multi-dimensional digital canvas on which to portray an extended scope of our industry insights right across the investment landscape. We're amazed how results jumped 90x for our client Venture Minerals in just one month!"

How Brilliant Advertising work hard for your business

A key feature that stands out in our Brilliant-Online advertising package is that your advertisement includes your ad featured across multiple channels i.e.

  • an advertorial published monthly in our Interactive Brilliant-Online Magazine. The magazine content is interactive for higher reader retention and engagements;

  • a SEO rich longer blog feature with relevant call to action in story categories like travel, lifestyle, investments etc. We believe storytelling your brand, products and services is a way to sell more without selling;

  • a visible ad banner on Brilliant-Online's home page that links to your advertorial, blog or website;

  • your ad and/or advertorial is shared across our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google My Business);

  • your story is emailed to our 15,000 subscribers.

Why does Brilliant-Online have multichannel advertising?

Simply because we want you to show up in buyers decision-making moments.

Brilliant-Online is supported by International Modern Marketing Agency, Vermilion Pinstripes. Clients were frustrated that their advertising dollars were not reaping the returns they desire - sometimes they worked; sometimes they didn't or results were lumpy.

Brilliant-Online recognises this as a perpetual issue and that is why our Brilliant Advertising Package comes standard with your ads and stories told across multiple channels. We are the only interactive advertising company that has a multichannel or omnichannel advertising package. One package one price - we don't charge each item separately because we know this kind of advertising works more effectively than single ads.

What is Multichannel Advertising?

Multichannel marketing is when a company is using several channels to communicate the same message or idea to customers. This puts the company at the center of the strategy, and the channels work to deliver that message manually. (Source: Omnisend)

Many advertising companies charge separately for each channel, but we don't because multichannel advertising has proven to be more effective. *

Findings from The Digital Brand Effect report indicate the following, demonstrating the impact you can gain from multichannel advertising:

While the most successful digital brand campaigns deliver a brand impact of 3.5 that of other campaigns, success is not driven by increased campaign spend. Rather success was found to be driven by designing creative with context in mind, integrating digital campaign with other media and managing frequencies.

Online display advertising was found to create meaningful brand differences and build brand associations, with its impact 42% higher than investment. Online video was found to drive brand motivation with a 30% higher impact than investment.

Social and video formats have truly come of age with brand ROI for online video improving 144% for brand salience over the last eight years, and social reporting brand ROI improving 90% for brand motivation. These increases reflect the adoption and reach of the formats, underpinned by improved ad units with better integration, new feature and user experience.

* Multichannel advertisers see a 24% increase in conversion rate with multichannel strategies, as cited by CJG Digital Marketing in a report from SaS.

Brilliant-Online is aware that:

  • 70% of consumers say that trusting a brand is more important today than ever before.

  • Buyers rely on content before a purchase. Brilliant advertorials are SEO rich and shared everywhere. 67% of buyers in the B2B domain are prone to researching content before making a purchase and 53% of shoppers say they always do research before they buy.

  • Especially now with the pandemic, Brilliant-Online is also aware that consumers are supporting more local businesses and brands who are supportive of their community - whether it’s sustainability, corporate responsibility, or racial equality (Source: Google, How shopping has changed). Brilliant-Online loves working with brands that share similar values. Read about our purpose and values.

”I am absolutely thrilled with my experience so far with Brilliant-Online! Veronica’s foresight with Brilliant-Online is exactly that ... brilliant! I know that my marketing for my small business Utopian Living is in safe competent hands ... which means I can get on with what I do best ... creating! Thank you!" - Michele 😊 Utopian Living

What is Omnichannel Advertising?

Omnichannel advertising will take a consumer-centric view of brand advertising with consistent messages across online and offline touch points.

Some of the stats are astonishing.

  • Purchase rate of omnichannel campaigns is 287% higher than single-channel campaigns (Source: Omnisend Research: The 2020 Marketing Automation Statistics Report)

  • Omnichannel strategies drive an 80% higher rate of incremental store visits for local businesses. (Think With Google)

  • Customer retention rates are 90% higher for omnichannel campaigns than for single-channel campaigns. Customers are more loyal to brands that engage with them across channels. (Source: ClickZ)

How does Brilliant-Online work with clients on Omnichannel Advertising?

Our marketing clients benefit the most from this kind of interactive omnichannel advertising.

A good example is Samso, who tells compelling ASX companies stories that pique investor interest. These ASX companies launch their recent ASX announcements on Samso with a further distribution reach via Brilliant.

On average, each Coffee With Samso video gets watched about 200 times. With Brilliant-Online interactive advertising, each video gets up to 18,000 views.

What happens if I am not your marketing client?

Depending on your goals, Brilliant-Online can help you with your marketing needs. We can build you an off-site landing page with specific call to action that has a contact form that captures relevant information and drives your audience through multiple email, blog and social touches for deeper engagements.


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The article underscores the effectiveness of multichannel and omnichannel advertising in enhancing brand ROI, highlighting how a cohesive strategy across various platforms can drive better customer engagement and loyalty. It effectively illustrates the benefits of integrating these approaches for a seamless consumer experience. However, it could delve deeper into specific case studies or data supporting these claims. An SEO audit report can further optimize these advertising strategies by identifying areas for improvement and ensuring maximum online visibility.

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