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Exciting Brilliant-Samso Partnership for Effective Engagement

Updated: Jan 22

Brilliant-Online is growing its content with a mine of gold insights.

Now, investors wanting to get their hands on informed market insights to help them make well-versed decisions is just a click away. This is where businesses have the space to engage accurately with valuable audiences and customers.

Investing Brilliantly

Plumb the depths of Brilliant Investments to get valuable insights from thought leaders in the field. This is all possible because of our exciting new team up with Samso, renowned among investment communities for its keen market analysis and insights. Together with our array of digital multi-media content, we are looking at deepening people´s reading and information experiences.

We are eager to bring to everyone this blend of Samso’s unique know-how in analysing corporate potential and industry trends with Brilliant’s unrivalled online reach that enables meaningful engagement with its readership.

Samso is headed by industry guru Noel Ong who specialises in online video interviews – Coffee with Samso and Rooster Talk. He invites thought leaders from the industry to share a coffee chat with him in a relaxed, friendly space that fosters deep insights amidst the exchange of conversations. Samso's acclaimed format of engaging with executives of Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) companies and private businesses provides respected insights into ASX companies, related concepts and industry trends.

“This new partnership with Brilliant opens up exciting new aspects for more effective engagement with both our clients and a broader audience of investment communities,” said Noel Ong. “It gives us a multi-dimensional digital canvas on which to portray an extended scope of our industry insights right across the investment landscape.”

Brilliant Interactive Insights

What you can expect in our Brilliant partnership with Samso CEO Noel Ong is listening to his expertise in our new investment column. Noel is a geologist with nearly 30 years industry experience and a strong background in capital markets, corporate finance and the mineral resource sector. He is deeply passionate about minerals and exploration and genuinely interested and curious in the growth of companies. He is quick to share the insights he has mined from these amazing conversations. His column is layered with illustrative videos, links to appropriate information resources, and related Coffee with Samso and Rooster Talk interviews.

At Brilliant-Online, our interactive multi-media format makes this wealth of information come alive in a vivid, compelling style that creates exciting new dimensions of detail.

Veronica Lind, Business & Marketing Strategist of Vermilion Pinstripes, the Sales & Marketing specialist that devised and created Brilliant, said: “We’re delighted to have Samso’s captivating Investment column as a fascinating and informative regular feature of Brilliant.”

Engaging Deeper and Further, Together

A positive partnership allows both parties to grow and for Samso’s ASX and private business clients, the Brilliant-Online partnership has opened up a way to reach new and wider audiences in a fresh, appealing format to pique and retain investor interest.

Business executives interviewed by Noel in Coffee with Samso or Rooster Talk are appreciative that their stories are now viewable on the Brilliant-Online interactive platform for deeper engagement with their target audiences. Their stories are going to be heard by a much wider community that are either starting to learn about investments or those who are mature investors wanting first hand information straight from the horses’ mouths.

Brilliant-Online is unlike other publications or advertorial platforms. What makes Brilliant-Online stand out are these 5 plus points:

1. Interactive Online Magazine

This is the modern day magic where a newspaper talks to you. Here, investors can listen to the stories of ASX companies directly from the page by watching the video interview of the executives interviewed. This means immediate engagement without even leaving the magazine and getting distracted elsewhere. It is a complete space to be in because there are URLs or QR codes to obtain more information.

2. Banner ads

These are included free of charge on the home page of Brilliant-Online website, for a limited time. This is one of the rarest banner ads you can invest in because you can put videos, gifs, images within the banner ad with specific call to action. Most banner ads only support gifs or still images.

3. Topical blogs

In the Samso-Brilliant arrangement, we have an Investment section led by Noel Ong. Samso's clients can opt for their new announcement to be placed in the investment blogs. With Brilliant-Online's strong background in marketing technologies, advertisers are assured of both the emotional interest as well as strong search capabilities.

4. eDMs or eMails

This goes out to our 10,000 subscribers, also free of charge at this time. Most subscribers are now Australia based, with a growing base of Singapore, Hong Kong, North America and other international subscribers as well.

5. Social media

Stories are shared across our social platforms that include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more importantly on Google My Business, a channel which many neglect.

Partnering with Brilliant offers long-term advertisers better insights with reports that enable them to understand the demographics of advertorials.

Samso and Brilliant fit together like two bits of a jigsaw puzzle - because Samso’s Investor column is online and Brilliant’s SEO is strong, advertising on it gives long-term Internet presence. Together, we can thrive even more and further.

What we have all around us is a strong community and partnerships to help one another grow and thrive. Brilliant's marketing arm, Vermilion Pinstripes, works closely with Samso on storytelling content to ensure sharp messaging and juicy content that reach the right audience through the right channels. Vermilion Pinstripes' modern marketing capabilities help to optimise the visibility of the stories. The editors writing these stories are professional international journalists with many years of PR experience.

This latest partnership is set to shine as a strong alliance with all-round benefits for industry players and the investment community.

We are ready to learn about some Brilliant Investment insights. Are you?

Contact Samso

Samso enables ASX and private companies featured in its interviews to build valuable engagement with their investment communities and customers.

t/ +61 490 092 814

Contact Brilliant-Online

Brilliant-Online is an interactive advertising platform, a magical creation for the digital age. Brilliant is a product of the future with interactive links for readers to deepen their knowledge by reading further, or make direct connections with featured people or products. For advertisers, Brilliant offers significant increase in return on their investment with unrivalled opportunities to present a variety of product information in attractive formats.

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Veronica Lind
Veronica Lind
01 may 2021

This partnership will allow ASX companies to reach out and engage with new audience! Well done!

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