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Macquarie Dance Academy takes to the Streets with Passion

If you are feeling that urge to dance, anywhere from your kitchen to the streets is a good place to start.

When music comes on, there is a natural, instinctive drive in each person's body to want to respond to the music.

A finger tapping rhythmically on the table is already a dance movement. A baby inside the mother has the urge to jiggle if she is blasting Elvis on her Spotify. Young people nowadays come fully plugged in to their music on the trains, their heads bobbing to the beat as they are transported in their private bubbles to an alternative dimension. Festivities across cultures include dance as part of their celebrations. Even birds use dance as a way to woo the fairer sex in their kingdom.

So if you are feeling that urge to dance, anywhere from your kitchen to the streets is a good place to start.

Macquarie Dance Academy (MDA) is a university society established in Macquarie University, Sydney, NSW where dancing is their shared passion.

They are a student group that focuses on street dance culture and its art of expression. It was founded in 2007 to bring together people that have a passion for street dance and provide them with a platform to express themselves.

Their members range from 18 to 26 years old and they are always on the lookout for people who have a shared interest in street dance. They welcome all university students to join MDA.

Why Dance?

“Because you are alive. Studies have proven that a regular active life improves and maintains mental and physical health. Across time and cultures, communities have often come together to dance as a way to connect with each other.”
Sabrina Tay, Member of Macquarie Dance Academy, feature story by Brilliant-Online
Sabrina Tay, Member of Macquarie Dance Academy

Sabrina Tay is a member of MDA and for her, life is centred around university and work. MDA is where she goes to get recharged with motivation and energy by dancing. It has trainings, events and showcases in the university and in the city. It gets Sabrina out of bed each day, and gives her the drive to go through her day. She always looks forward to sharing her passion with fellow street dance enthusiasts. Her close group of friends are also from MDA. Simply said, it is where Sabrina feels most comfortable and welcomed at. This is her “tribe”.

Why Keep Dancing?

For Sabrina, it is important that MDA continues to nourish the culture and art of street dance as new generations of dancers come into the scene. MDA is a stepping stone for many onto the bigger scene of street dance, be it at the state, national or international level. MDA focuses on bringing foundational knowledge for those who have just been bitten by the street dance bug and it also provides consistent guidance in the form of classes, workshops, performances and competitions for more seasoned street dancers.

To be able to keep MDA going, funding is also necessary. They get some funding through Macquarie University and they are also proactive in making revenue from their events, upcoming merchandises and fundraisers.

What Kind of Dance?

MDA does mainly street dance as a university society. They attend events, trainings and showcases. What makes them grow is how they also support other university societies whose focus is also on street dance. They see each other as fellow dancers coming together to share in the same passion and friendships are formed through their events and competitions.

MDA focuses on street dance which is a generic term that can branch off into a variety of dance styles such as Waacking, Locking, Hiphop, Breaking, Krump, Vogue etc. There is a style for everyone. Which speaks most to you?

How to Dance?

MDA trains as a community weekly at the university or at the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC), Sydney’s Dancers Lane.

MDA has two crews in their society - the Battle crew and the Choreography crew. Battle crew is freestyle-based and always has a foundational style. Choreography crew follows a learn and teach format and can be inspired by different styles of the choreographers’ choosing.

MDA takes part in showcases and they also host Battles. They participate in events hosted by other university societies as well as battles and showcases outside of university. Basically, wherever there is a space and a chance to dance, you will find someone from MDA there!

Street Dance Battles

More than Dancing, a Healthy Balance

While dancing may course through the veins of these young people, they also have a healthy, balanced lifestyle where they spend time on their studies, work, friends and families and simply enjoy being a young person getting to know the world and finding their interests in life. Dance is their springboard into life. It is a space where they can discover, experiment and learn about themselves and each other as they find their place in the world around them.

“We seek to create a safe space for students through dance and help them drive their goals into the greater dance scene.” - President, MDA

Ready for a dance off? Then let’s take to the streets!

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To support MDA, write to Sabrina Tay,


We would like to thank Johnny from Photography JNY for these dance photos. Johnny is featured as one of the Top Sydney Photographers, 2021.

Johnny had a passion for photography since 2013. His style is very diverse, adapting to the subject presented in front of him; shooting still-life and products that require meticulous attention to detail and precision, shooting dancers where timing is key to freeze action at its critical moment, shooting events where being aware of the surroundings lead to images that encapsulate a moment a time and shooting portraits that capture a person's character and beauty.


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