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A Shower of Brilliance

Births and New Beginnings are wonderful reasons to celebrate. Our Brilliant-Online first came brightly into the world of cyberspace on January 2021 and we decided to have a Brilliant Shower to celebrate that.

Better Late than Never

We feel grateful to be able to hold our Brilliant Shower event and celebrate it with so many familiar faces in our community. It was originally planned for March but the floods came and for a period we could not think of anything else other than how to help each other and keep our spirits up. Brilliant-Online stepped in to offer free ads for businesses that had been affected by the floods. We wanted to hear their stories, share them with the community and help them to recover and contributed $7,000 worth of ads in April.

As businesses gradually started to pick up, we were able to finally organise our Brilliant Shower event. Even though it was later than we planned, it was made even more precious because it really felt like we all worked so hard to get here and come together in spite of so many challenges like waves crashing upon waves.

It has been a wonderful opportunity to have our community come together at our Brilliant Shower. And when we look at how everyone has a part to play in bringing Brilliant-Online to life and bringing our Brilliant Shower into fruition, it has given us so much drive and definitely something that is helping to charge our batteries to keep going.

Veronica Lind, CEO Brilliant-Online with Maree Kelaher, Owner of DiggerBit at Brilliant Shower
Veronica Lind, CEO Brilliant-Online with Maree Kelaher, Owner of DiggerBit

Business Community Coming Together

We are overwhelmed by the support from our sponsors. Our Brilliant Shower took place in a space provided by Optex. We love our gift bags and My Blue Tea has made it beautiful with their super tea samples and Barbara Smith with her Arbonne products. Billabong Zoo gave us a $104 Family Zoo Pass which is the winning prize for those who subscribe to Brilliant-Online. We also had 30 passes for the RIU Round-Up Sydney Conference for investors on 4th, 5th and 6th May. Each pass was worth $1375 sponsored by Samso, who is our new investment story partner for Brilliant. We are also very grateful to Utopian Living BOHO jewellery maker, and Hilberts Hardware who has been in business in Wauchope for more than 50 years.

Growing a Better World

Brilliant-Online is about stories that inspire us to want to push for a better world in the digital era.

Digital technology is not a cold and intimidating space. It is a rich, fertile arena for inspiring stories - this is where we can bring our interactive online magazine and blog stories which are reaching more than 10,000 subscribers around the world. We bring in stories from inspiring people and dynamic businesses, big and small discussing leadership, sustainable efforts, market and fashion trends, finance and investments, property, travel, love, humanity, pets, luxury, life.

Brilliant-Online is a living, growing entity that is guided by a Moral Compass. It stands out with its human-ness and it has core values which are central to how we live as an individual and how we conduct business.

Our new baby has:

  • AUDACITY, being passionate and bold in setting modern pathways

  • IMPACT, making a positive difference to those who come in contact with us

  • ACCOUNTABILITY and own every action

  • KINDNESS and treat everyone and everything with respect

Brilliant Team

Behind Brilliant-Online is a team of humans from a variety of backgrounds.

Chrissy Jones is a veteran in print publication and is managing sales and operations. She also has good taste in wine and thanks to her, we had the added touch of elegance with her wines at our Brilliant Shower!

Sabina is our visual communications and technologist who has moved up to Port Macquarie from Sydney. Mehreen is another technologist based in Canada and they are the ones making our Brilliant baby dazzle with technological magic.

Giving Brilliant-Online its meaty content is Robin, our editor based in Thailand, and Yann Tyng our writer based in Spain.

Making Magic Happen

Brilliant-Online has a strong foundation in marketing and communications stemming from the modern marketing expertise of Vermilion Pinstripes. We have been telling stories and know how to help clients gain more visibility than traditional advertising. We are able to tell clients how their ads are performing.

This is where our interactive ads come in. It is a way to help businesses sell without selling. It helps them to reach out to new audiences and engage with stakeholders to get their stories heard. We do this through a multi-dimensional platform designed for business growth.

Brilliant-Online fills a gap in the global marketplace for a new type of publication. If you have seen Harry Potter's Daily Prophet newspaper, you will know magic can be quite real and not that far from reality. This new Brilliant baby is set to grow in interactive features and its ability to engage fully with audiences.

We thank everyone for being a part of our Brilliant Shower celebrations, and we are looking ahead to growing our Brilliant baby and celebrating Brilliant Birthdays in the future.

Let us continue to grow and thrive together and inspire each other telling our stories.

Thank You!

Thank you for being there. It means so much to us.

And special thanks go to award-winning photographer, Craig Mason of East Coast Photography for his beautiful photos.

Craig can be contacted here -


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