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Yamba Art Space Gallery

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

The Canvas is Waiting

Kerrie Speirs is the owner of Yamba Art Space Gallery.

Yamba Art Space Gallery is a place for creative education, exhibitions and events. It is on the beautiful beach side town of Yamba NSW. Artist educator Kerrie started it in 2017 as a creative small business that has grown steadily over the years.

Currently, because of the flooding of the Clarence River, her art gallery has been affected and has had to close.

Yamba Art Space Gallery is a contemporary gallery dedicated to original art works by Northern Rivers artists. Kerrie has more than 15 permanent artists on exhibition as well as casual and group exhibitions throughout the year. Her gallery features original paintings, quality artist prints, digital photography, sculpture and ceramics, bespoke furniture design, recycled or upcycled creations as well as antiques.

For the art lover, this is Disneyland as Kerrie's gallery also stocks a selection of art materials such as artist papers, charcoal, graphite and drawing sets.

For Kerrie, educating is as important as showcasing art. That is why a big part of her art space is kept for educational facilitation. She has a workshop or studio space that is fully equipped for that purpose. This is where local artists can facilitate regular educational sessions that are open to all ages and abilities.

Art on Hold

Art has been thriving in the community with Yamba Art Space and Original Sound Lounge collaborating in a new event bringing art, music and culture together every fourth Sunday of the month.

The first 'Sunday Art Session' was planned for Sunday 28th March.

Kerrie has been at home in Woombah instead of her art gallery because of the floods. Yamba Road was closed and she could not get to work. Her family has also had school and work commitments affected.

She runs private art lessons and art classes for primary children and these unfortunately have also been affected by the floods and road closures.

There were also other works in the pipeline that are now on hold. She was in the process of receiving new artworks by ten Clarence Valley artists to put up in her current exhibitions in the gallery. All the preparations for Sunday workshops, exhibitions and all events have come to a standstill.

It is not just the loss of income that is disconcerting. It is also the feeling of having a lot of work waiting to be done and not being able to do them or get to them.

Putting the Colours into Life Again

"Creativity feeds the soul and is fundamental to healthy development and growth in life" - Kerrie Speirs

When the waters subside, Kerrie is eager to get back to work in Yamba to begin working extra hours to catch up on everything.

Her Sunday Art Session with Original Sound Lounge may have been postponed, but Kerrie's passion for her art and education does not cease. An artist does not suddenly stop being artistic or creative. If anything, she is keen to bring life back into her gallery again, and get local artists´ works up for the community to enjoy.

Meanwhile, her canvases and brushes sit quietly waiting in the gallery for her return.

Yamba Art Space Gallery being featured on Brilliant-Online Interactive Magazine

To find out more:

l/ 44a Wooli ST Yamba, NSW, Australia 2464


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