One-of-a-kind Creations with Utopian Living

Updated: Jan 18

Utopian Living is about wearing unique, hand-crafted jewellery that has been harvested from authentic materials with a loving hand.

Meet Michele Cook, the face behind these unique art pieces.

Utopian Living was born out of a creative urge during the challenging period of the pandemic. Her artistic creations went from something she did for herself to something that became important for many others in her community and beyond.

Utopian Living in Wauchope is a little haven where people would come in, and the peaceful, inviting space inspires people to share their stories and find a common spirit with each other.

Unique Blend

Michele’s creations are unique and organic. When people hold each individual piece in their hand, it evokes an emotion.

The colours, the textures, the movements of each piece, the light that it catches, and sometimes a playful little idiosyncrasy all blend together and bring simple joy to the person wearing it.

Each piece of jewellery in the Utopian Living collection is handcrafted and undergoes stringent processes using different hand tools, techniques, and methods to give a distinctive flavour to each and every piece.

A Marriage of Nature and Culture

Nature and Culture are Michele’s main inspirations. Michele uses only natural, organic materials that connect people to what is authentic in them. She creates beautiful pieces out of precious metals, triple A-graded gemstone beads, Keshi pearls and even locally sourced and treated driftwood. Michele also derives joy from using resources from different cultures. There is a story behind her pieces of Turkish silver or Indian sari silk. As a craftsman, Michele understands the dedication and hard work behind making each piece. She is first in line to support other artisans and communities.

Slow Fashion

Nothing in Michele’s creative space is mass produced. Her creations have an identity and a soul. Michele understands the nature of her materials and is able to extract the beautiful essence of each material and combine them to create striking pieces that catch people's hearts. She takes her time to create and nothing is rushed.

She is proud of her “slow fashion'' and highly appreciative of the value of things that have accumulated years under their belts. Michele encourages others to do as she does, to leave behind a gentle print on the planet we live on.

From Customers to Friends

Michele herself is a serene presence in Utopian Living. She is part of what makes having a piece from Utopian Living so special. You can be out on a walk and pass by