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Hit the Trail to Discover Real Food

Updated: Jan 19

The Great Lakes Food Trail

Does the thought of bland, factory-processed modern food dull your palate and dishearten your conscience?

Are you in search of foodie heaven in the shape of a plateful of authentic, ethically-sourced nourishment?

Then get on the trail of this five-star showcase of sustainably-farmed and honest-to-good fresh food from a collective of premium producers in one of Australia’s most charming locations.

Play this video: Palms Artisan Bakery

It all happens in the Great Lakes, three hours north of Sydney in the Mid North Coast region of New South Wales, an area rightly renowned for its picturesque waterways and beaches.

It’s also home to award-winning farmers and artisan producers dedicated to upholding traditional values of providing good, ethically-produced nutritious food.

This treasure trove of fine local produce was a best-kept secret until five years ago, when its leading farmers and producers bandied together to set up the Great Lakes Food Trail.

It’s a one-of-a-kind adventure for Great Lakes visitors and locals alike to get behind the scenes of ethical, traditional food production – and get a taste of it all at the same time.

By providing this immersive, hands-on experience, the Great Lakes Food Trail is also a shop window for its Core Values of Real Food:

Regenerative farming that builds and maintains soil health

Environmentally, economically and socially sustainable

Animals that are pasture-raised on paddocks

Low-stress stock handling practices

Free-to-range animals that can forage with their flock or herd

Open and transparent communication with the community

Organic farming principles, processes, and practices

Diversity that develops healthy ecosystems

This year, the Great Lakes Food Trail will be staged twice: in Autumn (March, April and May); and Spring (September, October and November.)

It follows the Lakes Way scenic drive between Bulahdelah and Rainbow Flat with ten unique stops along the way, including these highlights at award-winning producers:

  • In Bulahdelah,

- At Yeo Farm meet the lambs and hear informative talks about farming practices

- Take a free guided tour at Old Inn Road to learn how this vineyard uses organic principles to produce

wines such as its 2019 Gold Medal Verdelho

  • In Wootton,

- Enjoy light refreshments at the community built and managed Brush Turkey Café and meet some of the

local artists showcasing their work.

- Try the local produce grazing platter and a glass of wine at the Great Lakes Paddocks, which will have

live music in its back paddock

  • In Bungwahl,

- Book into a farm tour at the Burraduc Farm and Artisan Water Buffalo Dairy and taste the 2019 National

Gold Medal Delicious Dolce Nina curd cheese and 2018 and 2020 State Winner Delicious Buffalo


- Meet the Alpacas at Topi Open Range Farm and see a variety of slow grown heritage chickens

- Explore award-winning gardens the Bungwahl Public School with its kitchen garden specialist and

2018 NSW Environmental Educator of the Year (Australian Association of Environmental Education),

and enjoy canteen meals grown and prepared by the students

  • In Forster,

- Take a free guided tour of The Coastal Brewing Company with the brewer and enjoy award-winning

craft beer tastings

  • In Rainbow Flat,

- Enjoy the local produce in the café garden at Valley View Farm and try the 2019 and 2020 Australian

Food Silver Award garlic

Full details on The Great Lakes Food Trail, including opening dates and times as well as information on how to book can be found at: and


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