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Cruising the Hastings River in brilliant style!

Updated: Jan 19

Brilliant-online celebrated our 2nd Birthday in style, inviting clients and columnists to join Veronica and Chrissy aboard the The Rhythmboat to mark our brilliant milestone.

A wide cross section of the Greater Port Macquarie/Hastings business community enjoyed a relaxing two-hour afternoon cruise along the beautiful Hastings River and a scrumptious grazing table specially catered by Elsa and David of Port Adventure Cruises.

Special marine visitors

The couple were gracious hosts and provided a seamless afternoon of leisurely cruising. There was even a bit of dolphin spotting, much to the delight of all onboard. We want to think the dolphins came by to wish us a Brilliant Birthday!

The Rhythmboat has a fantastic layout, giving guests many options to kick back and relax, with the top deck being a popular spot on a delightful summer afternoon.

Very good layout and very pleasant deck make all passengers very satisfied with this trip
Very good layout and very pleasant deck make all passengers very satisfied with this trip

Dressed to the nines

As our Brilliant Birthday fortuitously coincided with the Lunar New Year, we decided on an oriental theme and some guests did not pass up the chance to enjoy dressing their best! We were all bowled over by the Best Dressed Lady, Jennifer McKenzie who took home a beautiful set of handcrafted earrings from Utopian Living and Shane Rowe was voted as best dressed by Tom "Cruise Director" for wearing the Avalon Men's shirt.

As it was the Lunar New Year, we simply had to include a traditional Singapore style toast - Yam Seng!

Each guest departed the boat with a gift bag in hand, comprising donations from My BlueTea, Grazed & Grown, House of Utopia,and the Hastings Co-op.

Celebrating another Brilliant year

Veronica spoke about Brilliant's journey and growth, enlightening our guests with some celebratory facts.

Veronica stressed that Brilliant's interactive advertising means Making Buying Easier by cutting the number of sales steps. We are the only advertising agency that offers a one-price interactive multi-channel advertorial package which includes:

  1. Blog Story with strong SEO reaching out to 22,741 readers with a 53% yoy growth

  2. Interactive Magazine Stories written by professionals - 34,647 readers

  3. Emails - 14,501 subscribers

  4. Ad Banner for regular advertisers on

  5. Shared on socials - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Google

  6. Further outreach to communities through partners like - Samso, AMSA, Business Port Macquarie, Wauchope Chamber, Micro Business Forum and Lasiandra Festival.

Many of our guests at our birthday cruise have advertised with us and they know how the magic works. The proof is in the pudding, where we have forged partnerships that have taken us even further.

It meant a lot to us to have our clients come celebrate our birthday with us. It is really their success we also want to celebrate! With Brilliant advertising, they are happy business owners with a thriving business! We all know the importance of having our communities grow together. When one succeeds, everyone benefits! From the 2022 Business Awards to #LoveLocal festival, you can be sure we are there to celebrate!

Our Success Stories

Our best birthday presents come in the form of real, demonstrable evidence of our advertising success!

  • Over 720 stories told

  • Brilliant Facebook Group - What's On in Port Macquarie has 20,930 members

  • Most of our readers are 25 to 54 years old

  • 47.5% Female

  • 52.5% Male

  • 40% business executives

  • 48% Small businesses

  • Average reading time per session (11 minutes)

  • 1/3 of them will read at least 3 articles each time

  • Port AdVenture Cruises started with 600+ Google views and now reaching more than 19,549 views with 95 booking clicks monthly.

Brilliant-Online continues to thrive in brilliance and magic in the art of selling. We appreciate all the stories that have been generously shared with us, and which we have brought to the communities. So it wasn't so crazy after all to believe that we could make Harry Potter's Daily Prophet a reality. The magic is real, and we're living it!

Even as we were sailing on the Hastings River and looking around at all our guests who have supported us through our growth, we had to take a moment to let it sink in all that we have done over the past two years.

As we roll up our sleeves and prepare to step up into our third Brilliant year, we will continue to keep our content fresh, relevant and exciting, and making our clients' stories bright and impactful!

A toast, to many more Brilliant stories to come. Yammmmm senggggg!

Thank You Port AdVenture Cruises

For more information about how to help or participate, get in touch with:

David Lazarus & Elsa Barbosa

Port AdVenture Cruises


t/ 0417 681 031 or 0434 393 199

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