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Veronica Lind

✦ ​CEO, Brilliant-Online
✦ Bringing Harry Potter Daily Prophet Magic into Brilliant
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Creator of Brilliant-Online

As an entrepreneur, technologist and international marketer, Veronica has been helping businesses thrive by empowering them with the tools and strategies to turn their business around, grow and most importantly, help them stay Personable, Relevant and Admirable. She has long been adapting technology to the business needs of clients and the natural next step was the development of an interactive, multi-media magazine that gives a whole new meaning to what magazines and newspapers have traditionally been. 

Brilliant-Online was born in the midst of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and it is testament to its ability to bring worthy businesses' stories far and wide in spite of challenging times. 

Veronica's decades of experience in technology and modern marketing strategies, sales and business development in regional and global markets led her to create this magazine unlike any other.


Brilliant has built-in digital portals that allow the interweaving of layers of interaction to create a captivating new multi-dimensional communications medium that has been compared to the magical Daily Prophet newspaper of the Harry Potter books and films. 

What Veronica has done is to actually make magic real. Aimed at progressive individuals and businesses of the digital era, Brilliant’s pages are embedded with an array of QR codes, links to websites and videos, pop-up files, animations, audio files and podcasts.

As a multipotentialite, Veronica has a number of roles under her belt. 


She is co-founder and Business & Marketing Strategist at Vermilion Pinstripes, a sales marketing and communications agency helping local, regional and global executives build business confidence and thrive.


Veronica is frequently invited to speak on Modern Marketing and contributes articles to various magazines including the Singapore Marketer, a magazine by the Singapore Institute of Marketing. 

The fact that there are only 24 hours a day clearly does not apply to Veronica as she is also the President of Micro Business Forum in Port Macquarie, a professional business network that provides education, networking and support to start-ups and established small business owners in Port Macquarie-Hastings and the Communications Executive at the Hastings District Flying Club where she produces the members' aviation magazine Propwash.


Through all her work, sell without selling is a key virtue she promotes and it has helped many businesses that needed that boost of confidence. It is the key to efficiently generating benefits, promoting effective marketing strategies, consolidating customer loyalty and enabling long-lasting, meaningful engagements with customers.

Veronica lives in Port Macquarie with her absolute best friend and life partner Ray Lind, who is a flying instructor at Hastings District Flying Club, and Max who is against rainy days when he cannot go out for a walk. Veronica enjoys her time off from work pottering about in the kitchen cooking up a meal to share with friends. She is famous for her chilli sauce and if you do get invited over for a meal, you need to ask for a bottle of it to take home with you. 

Veronica recently became a grandmother to beautiful little Victoria - a joy Veronica is celebrating every single day as she watches her grow. 

Veronica's favourite stories
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