TG's Child Care building beautiful relationships with their communities

Updated: Nov 5

✦ Building relationships, understanding our gifts and encouraging collective thinking are the 3 Foundation Stones of TG's.

It is clear how TG's Child Care is always warmly welcomed into their communities wherever they go. With six campuses across Australia, TG's Child Care continues to share the joy of Playing is Learning for Life with families and communities.

TG's Child Care is highly involved with their communities. For TG's, building relationships has a ripple effect that can be felt through the entire community. It is a natural collaborative base of all interactions between TG's highly qualified Educators, children, families and communities. Learning at TG's is not confined to only TG's playspaces and beautiful award-winning gardens. It extends through the community as well.

TG's Child Care is a positive, supportive and contributing member of the local communities.

Fun at local festivals

TG's Armidale and TG's Uralla recently had a fantastic day out at the Thunderbolts Festival in Uralla. It is a big event TG's is involved in every year. After all, the children, Educators and families at TG's take fun very seriously!

Everyone helped to decorate TG's float, and families, children and Educators came together to ride through town with everyone dressed as fairies and elves! And with such gorgeous weather this time of the year, they had some bubbles and watersquirters too!

When the children take part in each community's local festival, they also learn about contributing to their community. TG's also participates in Armidale's Autumn Festival and Wauchope's Lasiandra Festival. There's always something to celebrate!

Who wants to be a fireman?

TG's children do! And they know lots about firemen and fire safety!

TG's regularly invites people of different professions in the local communities to share their experiences with the children. The children at TG's Urangan were absolutely delighted when the local firemen came to visit TG's in their big red trucks! It's a real WOW moment for the children as they get up close and personal with the firemen, asking them questions about what it's really like to be a fireman, and of course, getting to hop in the driving seat in the truck always brings squeals of delight!

The children even lovingly put together baskets of snacks and bottled water for the New England Zone Rural Fire Service when they learnt about how the firemen were bravely putting out bushfires and protecting the people.

The firemen also came to TG's Uralla to talk to the children about fire safety. One is never too young to learn something useful. What should you do if you are caught in a fire? TG's children know this well! Stop, Drop and Roll! Three simple words could save lives. The children and Educators all had a go at practising this.

Help the farmers!

When Australia was hit by devastating droughts in 2018, the children learnt about how farmers in Australia were affected. They organised a Dress Like a Farmer week to help raise funds for farmers. At the same time, the children also learnt about what a farmer does, what food production involves, how supply chains work and why sustainability is important in all this.