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Sustainability starts young at TG's Child Care

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

✦ One is never too young to start learning to care for the environment and community, and be proud of the gift of making a difference.

That happens at TG's Child Care, every single day. Sustainability is no longer a privilege and a status symbol to select organisations - it has become a way of life and a necessity adopted across industries and countries.

And so it is no surprise that TG's Child Care has sustainability integrated into its very DNA.

Playing it Forward at TG´s Child Care

The greatest love of all at TG's Child Care featured in Brilliant-Online
The greatest love of all

Some of you may already have started singing to the lyrics, as no doubt you'd recognise Whitney Houston's voice belting out Greatest Love of All in your head. It sounds like TG's could well have inspired the lyrics to this song. At TG's, children are indeed the future, and TG's focus has always been to give children every opportunity available to reach their fullest potential.

TG's Child Care is a familiar name across Australia, and a very well-loved one at that. They have been trusted by families for more than two decades as the stewardship of their children's future.

What we may not immediately realise is, TG's children are the stewardship of the planet's future.

At TG's, children are Playing it Forward from the very first day they step into TG's. And this continues even after they have graduated. For TG's, it is vital to foster values, attitudes, skills and behaviours that support sustainable development. By showing children how to embody care and respect today, TG's is helping children to create a better environment and society for tomorrow.

What does sustainability at TG's look like and why is it important?

At TG's, sustainability means sharing knowledge with the children about the difference they can all make in caring for the environment and their communities, leading the way in embedding sustainable practices into their centres and making it a natural, daily practice, creating an inclusive and diverse environment supported by ancient indigenous wisdom.

TG's sustainability values are guided by the National Quality Framework, Quality Area 3 of the National Quality Standard (NQS).

TG's sustainability has three core areas - social (families and community), environment (planet) and economy (businesses).


TG's partnership with families and the community enriches each child’s learning journey. The children learn invaluable skills and values such as compassion for others, building relationships with people in their communities and appreciating the special gifts local businesses or services give to people.

TG's Child Care's children build meaningful engagements and partnerships with their peers, Educators, communities and families.
TG's children build meaningful engagements and partnerships with their peers, Educators, communities and families.

In classic TG's style, everything they do is in the spirit of fun, and being involved in community is something the children get really excited about. They take part in Uralla’s Thunderbolt Festival, Armidale's Autumn Festival and Wauchope's Lasiandra Festival. TG's is always showing up as a positive, supportive and contributing member of the local communities.

As part of their Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to boost their sustainability values and help children go even further in eco and social intelligence, TG's has been incorporating indigenous programs into their curriculum.

Indigenous culture is part of identity building for the children. This is how they learn their connections to their past, their culture, their community, their environment. It serves as a guide for them to go forward to make a better future for their planet and their communities.


TG's children are intellectually and socially eco-intelligent. Children are entrusted with the responsibility (and joy!) of caring for the vegetables in TG's gardens. They build an appreciation and understanding of nature. It gives them an enormous sense of pride realising they have the knowledge, experience and opportunity to make the world a better place starting right where they are at TG's.

TG's natural and safe environment allows the children to develop their independent and creative young minds, as well as engage in collective thinking with their peers. This is where children build relationships with each other, identify their own strengths and share their gifts with everyone around them. The feelings of love, care and respect flow through TG's award-winning gardens and playspaces.

Trevor Kee carefully designs these gardens and play spaces to provide stimulating areas where each child has their own unique challenges to assist their social, emotional, cognitive, creative, passive and active development.


When TG's Child Care Urangan was being set up, it was a great opportunity for real life learning. The children in the community could see how the centre went from an empty building and land to the beautiful TG's they go to everyday where Playing is Learning for Life. Children learn to appreciate their communities as a valuable source of sustainable business and economic support.

TG's children visit local businesses and learn to appreciate their trade. TG's centres in turn support and promote the local businesses.

Sustainability is a natural way of being at TG's. From past to present to future, the children learn to see every situation to be a gift, an opportunity to grow and shine.

TG's is giving the children all the 'tools' they need as they take bold little steps towards their bright futures. They are learning that with each step they take, they are also leaving their own unique gentle footprints in the history of the planet. What they do now can help generations have a better future.

10 Tips from TG´s Little Sustainability Experts

If you are looking for a Sustainability Expert, look no further than TG's. And we are referring to the children! They live and breathe sustainability at TG's, so there are loads the children are happy to share with you if you are feeling lost about where to start!

  • Plant your favourite vegetable at home! It builds patience and appreciation as you learn to care for it, and when it's time to harvest your carrot or tomato, you'll absolutely enjoy how it tastes.

  • Keep a Rain Water Tank for summer water play outdoors and to water your garden.

  • Play Spot the Unused Machine - see who is more observant at noticing which machines are not in use and switch them off.

  • Have a little worm farm and keep your food scraps from the kitchen for them! They are always hungry!

  • Write an Appreciation Note for someone in your family or your community and watch how their faces light up.

  • Shop from local suppliers wherever possible. You'd be surprised at how resourceful and rich your community really is, and it's a great opportunity to get to know a network of people.

  • Get creative with recycling! Tap into a child's creativity when you want ideas about what to do with a random bit of plastic lid or paper box.

  • Pack a litter-less lunch! Find ways to reduce the use of plastic and explore alternatives together. "What if...?" and "How about...?" are great questions to start with.

  • A big favourite is Mud Play! Our environment provides us with lots of natural material we can use to play with. Make Mud Cakes and have a Mud Party, build a Mud Castle, create a Mud Monster...this is going to take up many fun hours!

  • Colour code your bins and separate your rubbish for recycling. Children are great at identifying which trash goes where!

TG's children are growing up to be citizens of the world and leaders of our future. While they are leaving their own gentle footprints on this planet, it pays to take a look at our own footprints, regardless of our age. As long as we continue to walk on the face of this earth, it is worth asking how we want our footprints to be.

While one is never too young to start sustainability, there is no age limit to that either. Get inspired by TG's children, and start your Sustainability Journey today!


TG's Child Care locations and contact details

Urangan QLD

61 Miller St, Urangan, QLD 4655

Armidale NSW

11 Samuelson Crescent, Armidale NSW 2350

Uralla NSW

23B John St, Uralla NSW 2358

Wauchope - Hastings St NSW

33B Hastings St, Wauchope NSW 2446

Wauchope - High St NSW

223A High St, Wauchope NSW 2446

Wauchope - Riverbreeze NSW

3 Riverbreeze Drive, Wauchope NSW 2446


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