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TG's Child Care has been Highly Commended for Excellence in Professional Services!

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

✦ 2022 Wauchope & Hinterland Business Awards

Congratulations to TG's Child Care! We love bringing Brilliant news to share with the community, way to go TG's!

It has recently been an exciting period for so many of our local businesses in the community. With the 2022 Wauchope & Hinterland Business Awards back on track after the world went on pause with the pandemic, it felt like there was a much-needed boost of energy and excitement in the community again.

The awards are a celebration of local businesses and an opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of the community's local operators. It is a way to help local businesses gain exposure and promotion to a wider outreach.

TG´s Child Care Highly Commended for Excellence in Professional Services

Celebrating the occasion are: Faye O'Neill - Educational Leader; Linda Hutchinson - Centre Manager; Laura Bull - Area Manager; Toni-lee Paine - Centre Manager; Anne Stephens - WHS Officer and Mel Ashley - Educational Leader

TG's Child Care at all three of their Wauchope centres have been Highly Commended for Excellence in Professional Services (21 employees or more) in the 2022 Wauchope and Hinterland Business Awards. We just love this photograph and all their brilliant smiles! It's a clear sign that everything they do is worth it, and they are genuine professionals who are fully committed to the invaluable services they bring to the children and their families in our communities.

"Toni-lee, Laura and Linda are three of the most amazingly strong and empowered women you will ever meet! What an incredible team of gifted Leaders and Centre Managers. Congratulations on your award and well done to everyone of your team of passionate and dedicated Educators. Well done and well-deserved!" ❤️🌟👏🌻 Trevor and Gayle Kee, owners of TG's Child Care

There is a common saying at TG's Child Care that they are one big TG's Family paddling the canoe together. This is an award that is shared with not just the Educators, but also the children, their families and the local trades of the communities who are so supportive of TG's through the years.

"I am grateful to work with such an amazing group of people at TG's. Congratulations on winning Highly Commended- Professional Services (21 employees or more). After a long 2 years of navigating through the many challenges within the industry we have managed to support our children, families and educators with minimal interference to delivering the education and care, well-being and fun to our children." - Linda Hutchinson, Centre Manager, TG's Child Care High St

Australia's shortage of educators

Australia is facing a difficult situation - there is a shortage of educators across the country, and National Skills Commission data shows that in May, the number of vacancies in early childhood education and care hit a record 6648 positions. The figure has more than doubled in the past three years.

"Slowly but surely, people will recognise the huge importance of Early Childhood Educators and the impact they have on our future through the education, love and commitment they devote to our children, families and communities. They are contributing to the betterment of our next generation of the Australian workforce and Parenthood." - Linda Hutchinson, Centre Manager, TG's Child Care High St

TG's Child Care like any other educational body, is feeling the impact of this situation. Nevertheless, they have not stopped going the extra mile in spite of all the challenges they have been facing. There really is no rest here, whether it's the pandemic or a shortage of educators, TG's has continued to push through. Giving back to the community is something TG's never stops doing.

Linda Hutchinson, Centre Manager at TG´s High Street campus, explains:

"The Educator shortage is felt state-wide. TG’s Child Care has reflected on the situation we've had over the past few years and we are focusing on the years to come. TG's management listens and hears their Team and we have come up with strategies to attract and retain quality Educators. It is necessary to ensure the longevity of our services. This is how we create a sense of stability and reassurance for our families, children and Educators. We want to continue to provide the high quality education and care that TG's reputation reflects.

"TG’s Child Care is proud of our collaborative discussions with our teams. We are always looking to improve and go further. As the trusted stewardship of the children's future, we need to do our part for the future of Education and Care at TG's Child Care."

Educators need loving support too

Looking at how the situation is with educators finding it hard to stay on in their profession, one has to recognise that TG's Child Care got it right from the very start. TG's is famous for its loving and supportive environment where everyone has a voice and is listened to. And where TG's has really gone above and beyond is in how they extend this to not just the children and families but to their Educators as well. That is the whole inclusiveness of the TG's Way and it's how they have been growing their TG's Family.

TG's Educators are given ample support in their professional journey. Many have been trying to manage both studying for a Diploma and working at the same time, and all that without forgetting they have a family to take care of also. This is a taxing situation for Educators, and at TG's they are given support and a lot of understanding so they can balance everything without burning out. Some Educators have had to move in order to work at TG's and it really helps them to settle in knowing that they may be far from home, but TG's is here to welcome them into a new family.

A great example of the family structure of TG's is in the figure of TG's State Manager, Meg Barnden-Hyde.

She is affectionately known as the Mother Hen of TG's, and she's the one Educators turn to for loving care and guidance. She has taken many Educators under her wing and helped them to Share their Gifts, Build Relationships in TG's and in their communities, and the Collective Thinking of TG's is what creates this sense of closeness. Nobody is left out at TG's.

"When a Centre Manager (such as the amazing Centre Managers in Wauchope- Laura, Linda and Toni-Lee) put their heart and soul into a career they love and create a work culture that reflects both their personal and professional philosophy, and are a part of witnessing the amazing results that then are filtered through the team, it creates a sense of belonging and support all involved - families, children and educators."

"To get recognition from the community is an amazing effort that supports the growth, love and passion the three campuses have entrusted into the workplace – well done TG’s!!!" - Meg Barnden-Hyde, TG's Child Care, State Manager

Male Educators at TG's

Yes, believe it or not, out of TG's 174 Educators, four of them are men and they are enjoying every minute of their Early Childhood career!

This is a natural consequence of TG's diversity and inclusivity values.

As Toni-Lee Paine, Centre Manager of TG's Hastings St says, "People go into a career in Early Childhood Education because they love what they do and want to give children the best start possible in early childhood. It's about developing the foundations for all children to reach their fullest potential."

TG's Jake Eather, Luke Carlon, James Mead and Jamie Ashcroft have clearly heeded the calling they felt to become Educators. In such difficult times, where there is a lack of educators, finding the more unusual situation of male Educators at TG´s attests to TG´s magic working.

At Brilliant-Online, we have been following TG's stories ever since we started and we are always amazed by the brilliant stories that come out of TG's with the children and the Educators. They have a beautiful philosophy of Playing is Learning for Life. We want to stay hopeful that there are still many people out there who love nurturing young minds, and who are committed to helping children reach their fullest potential.

At TG's, everyone is making a positive and significant difference every single day. Find out more about what it's like to become a TG's Educator in the big loving TG's Family!


TG's Child Care locations and contact details (below)

Urangan QLD

61 Miller St, Urangan, QLD 4655

Armidale NSW

11 Samuelson Crescent, Armidale NSW 2350

Uralla NSW

23B John St, Uralla NSW 2358

Wauchope - Hastings St NSW

33B Hastings St, Wauchope NSW 2446

Wauchope - High St NSW

223A High St, Wauchope NSW 2446

Wauchope - Riverbreeze NSW

3 Riverbreeze Drive, Wauchope NSW 2446


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