Walk into the Future with the Indigenous Peoples and TG's Urangan

Updated: Jun 16

✦ At TG's Child Care Urangan, Playing is Learning for Life takes place everywhere. It is nurtured within TG's beautiful award-winning gardens and playspaces, and it also takes place beyond TG's to Urangan's community.

TG's Urangan is harnessing the ancient wisdom of indigenous cultures to support the children in building a sense of identity - this is where they learn how everything and everyone fits together in belonging, being and becoming.

This is thanks to TG's Urangan's Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) where their Heal Country commitment features strongly in their programs and curriculum.

TG's has been implementing indigenous programs in all of their six centres as a way to boost their sustainability values and help children go even further in eco and social intelligence. And in true blue TG's style, all their activities are fun, creative and keeps the children excited and delighted!

Let's go to the beach!

 TG´s Child Care Urangan Beach Kindee small child learning about sea life
A Learning Journey in Nature

TG's children learn about how they can impact the environment, social aspects and economy of their locations. No one person is too small to make a difference, and TG's educators engage the children in activities that are relevant and identifiable for them. When children are aware they have the power to make a difference in caring for the planet or their communities, it makes them hungry to do more.

This is how TG's children become well-rounded young citizens who form meaningful connections with their world through belonging, being and becoming.

TG's Child Care Booklet Final
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Every fortnight, the children at TG's Urangan go on a Beach Kindy excursion. It is one of the highlights of the activities at TG's, and it is often met by squeals of delight! The children know they are in for a treat and they are going to love exploring the great outdoors and simply soak up the lessons nature has for them.

Every element of the coast, the sand, the sea has something mysterious and magical to reveal. When you look at things through the eyes of a child, the beach becomes more than just a place you go to bathe, suntan and have a bit of a paddle. Experience a Beach Kindy with TG's children and you'll see what a rich world there is in every grain of sand and every wave brings you a little miracle you have seen a million times but never really noticed.

TG's Urangan's Beach Kindy really helps you open your eyes.

Do you know where corals come from? TG's children do! They know why it loses its colour and they are even little experts at the anatomy of a fish! Sir David Attenborough would be highly impressed by what TG's children have learnt from their Beach Kindys!

These outings are when learning is brought to life and the entire world becomes a fertile ground for the children's learning journeys. Even TG's educators openly admit they love being on these trips where they can participate in the children's excitement as they watch where crabs tunnel in the sand, and how they get curious about oyster shells. It is like making time stand still when you hold a piece of nature's miracle in your hands with a child and marvel over every texture and every shade of colour in it.

Most importantly, going on Beach Kindys allows the children to get out into the community and it nurtures a deep, loving appreciation of the land. The children wisely know they only leave footprints. That is what Butchulla lore teaches them. And of course, they also leave a lot of smiles and laughter there, which is perfectly welcome and does not harm the environment - laughter is pollution-free and eco-friendly after all!

The richness of a Beach Kindy does not just stop there. The children learn important life skills such as how to be safe in public, what road safety is all about and also how to be safe in water. The children learn how to take care of themselves and watch out for each other, and what it means to respect the community they are in.

TG´s Urangan Beach Kindee young boy with a log
Fresh air and sunshine make learning a joy!

The joy of running on the beach with one another is something every child should have the opportunity to experience and enjoy. There is plenty of room to stretch their legs and develop their gross motor skills. The next time you go to the beach, really feel how the sand moves beneath your soles, how warm and ticklish it can feel when waves lap against your feet. Salt water when it dries leaves a special feeling on your skin, and simply being out in fresh air and the sun makes your body feel strong and open. (Perhaps we are not too different from plants… we need a bit of sunlight to grow well!)