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Playing is Learning for Life at TG's Award Winning Gardens

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

TG's Child Care at Urangan, Queensland is where beautiful garden landscapes are created for children to explore, take delight in and learn at the same time sounds like a tall order.

But it’s literally child’s play for TG’s Child Care, the award-winning early learning Kindergarten and Long Day care provider that focusses on play-based learning with a sustainable slant.

Its recently-opened Urangan campus serving Hervey Bay in Queensland has all this in spades, just like all of TG's Child Care’s five others across New South Wales.

Nooks and Crannies

The first thing children notice when they arrive at any of these campuses is the inviting landscaped environment that kindles their natural curiosity to explore and play. They’re warm and alluring places that tempt them to delve and investigate every nook and cranny.

These intriguing combined learning and play spaces are the fruits of TG's Child Care co-founder Trevor Kee’s extensive landscaping and design background – and they’re hallmarks of the company’s mission to create dynamic environments where children can thrive, learn and have fun.

They’re carefully designed to provide stimulating areas where each child has their own particular challenges to support their emotional, cognitive, creative, and passive and active development.

Their rich environments open up a range of possibilities and cater to each child’s varying moods, needs and interests. They speak to children as their own little haven where they’re free to explore all its delights at their own pace.

Acknowledgement: The above photos are taken by Stuart Lyall Photography

This is where children feel secure, supported and happy as they play surrounded by the beauty of a natural garden landscape.

In fact, children have so much fun creating adventures in these rich learning grounds for hours on end that they usually don’t want to leave.

Sustainability Values

No matter where a TG's Child Care service is located, its outdoor environment is always carefully designed and created with creative play spaces, paved pathways, timber bridges and transition areas using natural materials and local resources.

This keys into its sustainability values and commitment to supporting local economies and local trades in each community.

At the new Urangan campus, renovating the land wasn’t a case of bringing in the bulldozers – instead, a sympathetic transformation took place with a conscious effort to be aware of the natural environment and share an appreciation of it with the children who would attend the campus – passing on the value in every leaf, worm and stone.

This extended to the golden palms of the outdoor area, which as part of the renovation process were carefully relocated to a new spot and lovingly replanted to thrive and grow as part of the TG's Family.

Part of the Community

The palm relocation illustrated a keen desire for children of TG's Child Care to become both intellectually and socially eco-intelligent by setting examples from the very beginning as this new campus was being created in the community.

With the children already learning how to take care of vegetables grown in the garden, they were also shown care of its other big plants in the form of the golden palms, learning another lesson of sustainability and care.

This was also an exercise in building beneficial community relationships, local trades helping to move the palms to preserve the greenery.

TG's Child Care’s gardens are fundamental to its belief that exploring nature is part of sustainability and builds a foundation of values for making the world a better place – that begin when children first step through its doors and continue long after they’ve left.

In their natural and safe environments, children develop their independent and creative young minds, and engage in collective thinking with their peers. It’s where they build relationships with each other, identify their own strengths and share their gifts with everyone around them.


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