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How to craft simply irresistible product ideas

Vermilion Pinstripes shares 3 steps to help your business come up with an irresistible product idea. It's Simply Brilliant!

You don't have to be a genius or some marketing guru to create a product idea that makes your customers want it, want it now, and want more of it. The beauty of marketing is that there is a logical process to it, which if you follow, can take your business up a notch. Veronica Lind, Business and Marketing Strategist of Vermilion Pinstripes, has seen how small businesses have gotten motivated when they see it is possible to make a change when they understand how modern marketing works. It's about creating Happy Businesses and helping businesses thrive in our communities!

So, are you ready to help your business move up a notch by coming up with your very own, unique irresistible product idea that will make you stand out from the crowd? Here are the 3 steps:

  1. Inspiration - Seek, and you shall find...

  2. Ideas - Keep them growing!

  3. Evaluation - Sift out the wheat from the chaff.

Step 1 - Inspiration

This is not some magical woo-woo that comes to you when you go all Zen and meditate. It's actually easier than that. Inspiration can strike you anywhere, so get out there and open your eyes and ears. Inspiration can hit you while you're boarding a bus or rescuing your dog's toy from under the sofa. And, there are actually questions that can help get you on that inspirational track. For a list of these questions, download Vermilion Pinstripes' workbook Crafting Irresistible Product Ideas here.

Step 2 - Ideas

When an inspiration hits you, you don't just let it float away again. Make sure you have a way of recording all the inspiration and random, spontaneous ideas and thoughts that come to your mind. Paper-based or digital, it's your choice. But note it down.

Step 3 - Evaluation

Now that you have lots of ideas, get your business or marketing team together and get ready to do some weeding. This is where you look at each idea and decide if it's worth pursuing or to simply bin it. No hard feelings here and it's about getting into the practicalities and getting real. Check out the Crafting Irresistible Product Ideas blog for a list of Evaluation questions to guide you.

If you look at the whole process from Step 1 to Step 3, it's like a funnel. You go from being open and receptive to everything to finally filtering out only the best ideas. That's where your Irresistible Product Idea starts to grow and take shape.

Vermilion Pinstripes' Crafting Irresistible Product Ideas workbook is a handy manual to have with you as your business gets ready to create and share your skills, experience and expertise with the rest of the world. It's easy to go into overwhelm, especially if you are a small business just starting out, about how and where to begin. Start by downloading the workbook.

Yes, it is undeniable that in today's fast-paced and competitive market, businesses feel the pressure to create the Next Big Thing that will capture their audience's attention and generate buzz.

Creating irresistible product ideas in modern marketing is a blend of many skills, and by following this 3-step guideline, you are on your way to capturing the hearts of your customers. Let your creativity flow and we can't wait to hear about your Irresistible Product Ideas as they hit the market!

Young Entrepreneurs have something to share too!

Tween Entrepreneur Patrick Dale will be speaking at Micro Business Forum's event on 15th November 2023 at CSU. Read about how this 12-year-old started his own amazing business. He is an inspiration for how you can create an Irresistible Product that has the world wanting more! For Patrick, his amazing idea came from simply wondering, "Why are there no chocolate marshmallows?"

If you need more help with Crafting Irresistible Product Ideas or simply need a pair of fresh eyes and ears to help you refine your product, book a call with Veronica to gain a deeper understanding of marketing your product or service.

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