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Vermilion Pinstripes Modern Marketing Framework™ is Proudly Australian and helping businesses thrive

Vermilion Pinstripes is adding the much needed human touch to customer engagements in our age of increasing digitization.

What if you could have a clear framework to apply across your marketing strategies that could guide you clearly from one step to the next? Perhaps Modern Marketing would not feel so impossible after all!

That's why the unique Modern Marketing Framework™ (MMF™) created by Veronica Lind, Business and Marketing Strategist of Vermilion Pinstripes, is helping so many businesses reduce complexity and uncertainty. These key words are certainly representative of our times, and businesses can take heart that there is a way to navigate this.

What is the Modern Marketing Framework™ ?

It is a unique modern marketing resource for our digital age that enables startups, traditional and modern businesses across industries reduce complexity and reframe their business models. It creates exceptional brand experiences, combining the best of what technology has to offer and without sacrificing the necessary human touch that makes good marketing excellent. It is a modular resource to help businesses build confidence through the simple and effective integration of sales, marketing and communications.

The Modern Marketing Framework™ is the first of its kind to be trademarked by the Australian government's intellectual property agency, IP Australia.

Note: MMF™ is registered with IP Australia under Trade Mark Number 1956365 for the following services: Advice relating to marketing management; Business advice relating to marketing; Business consultancy services relating to marketing; Consultancy relating to marketing; Direct marketing; Marketing; Marketing advisory services; Marketing agency services; Marketing consultancy; Marketing information; Marketing management advice; Planning of marketing strategies; Preparation of marketing plans; Product marketing; Provision of information relating to marketing; Search engine optimisation services (marketing services); Targeted marketing.

“We’re delighted IP Australia has trademarked MMF™ to recognise our framework as a solid, timeless resource that empowers businesses of all types to thrive with business confidence.” - Veronica Lind

How does it work?

It leverages technology that makes marketing stand out with its human engagement. What this means is, it enables customers to experience consistent engagements built on trust, personalisation and efficiency. What makes it powerful and sustainable is it continues to grow and develop with their needs. Adaptability to ever-changing conditions and customer preferences is vital for modern marketing to work. This makes the framework solid and timeless and can be used over and over again.

“MMF™ integrates sales, marketing, communications and customer service for businesses to ‘sell without selling’ confidently.” - Veronica Lind

The MMF™ uses Targeting, Enablement and Demand (TED) generation processes. It eliminates silos of corporate functions, enabling strong integration for more focused and successful marketing. It is guided by core brand messages forming a holistic approach to customer engagement in both online and offline experiences and interactions. It has a unique structure, vision and capability that blends together creativity, science and technology for clear and effective Sales, Marketing, Communications and Customer Service.

Its framework is applicable in all areas of marketing - social media, websites, email marketing, public relations, events and even mobile apps. It allows businesses to focus on their brand message and use the relevant marketing and communications efforts to Sell (more) Without Selling.

You'd be surprised at the range of industries the MMF™ can be applied. Even companies in the ASX can stand to benefit from applying the framework. Yes, even ASX companies need branding too!

Since its creation, the team of experienced business, technology, marketing, communications and editorial professionals at Vermilion Pinstripes have been using it as a model to help local companies in Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan achieve their business goals. With offices in Australia, Singapore and Canada, the MMF™ has been fully utilised to service clients across various industries.

About the creator

Veronica has truly extracted the most vital essence from her career in global technology and market development over the decades to create the MMF™. From conception to finally being trademarked, she has been adapting and refining the framework to make it scalable for startups and local businesses to large enterprises.

Veronica Lind, Business Marketing Strategist Vermilion Pinstripes | Brilliant-Online

Her dexterity with technology and vast experience in sales, business development and marketing have been highly valued by clients in regional and global markets.

Sell Without Selling is a key virtue she stands by and which has helped businesses go from merely surviving to thriving. Business owners have seen their own motivation increase to the point where they are passionate about marketing their brand, where previously they had felt lost, overwhelmed and frustrated. Sell Without Selling is a key part of the MMF™, and it is how businesses can efficiently generate benefits, promote effective marketing strategies, consolidate customer loyalty and enable long-lasting, meaningful engagements with customers.

“Businesses embarking on growth face challenges of how to harness the right opportunities and strengthen their brand. We harness art, maths, science and psychology to empower clients with the right strategies and initiatives to achieve their business vision quickly and within budget.” - Veronica Lind

And did we tell you Veronica is also CEO of this very Brilliant-Online magazine you are reading this very minute? It's no surprise that if it's anyone who can dream of making Harry Potter's Daily Prophet newspaper a reality, it would be Veronica Lind. Making magic real is sometimes how clients feel when they see what the MMF™ has done for their business.

If you're a business that is using the Modern Marketing Framework™ to grow your business, you'd be feeling even prouder now knowing it's a unique trademarked framework that is 100% Made in Australia!

Contact Vermilion Pinstripes to find out how their Modern Marketing Framework™ can help make a difference to your business.

Contact Vermilion Pinstripes

a/ P.O. Box 9339, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444, Australia

Australia: +6140-777-9828‬

Singapore: +65-9681-7045


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