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Lucy Gamsby Frost, Professional Performing Artist

Updated: Jan 19

A Lady with Infinite Talent

Lucy Gamsby Frost is a lady with an infinite bag of talents - she is an entertainer in the art of street theatre, slapstick, comedy, partner acrobatics, escapology, musical saw, singing, fire, stunts, and pyrotechnics to name a few!

She is originally from Sheffield in the UK and is now residing in Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia.

This lady has travelled the world delighting crowds everywhere with her astonishing talents.

The Circus Comes to Town

Her passion for entertainment sparked when she was studying Set and Costume Design at Manchester University. It led her into Circus life as stage manager which further led to being asked to take part in a show. Since then her life has been a whirlwind and she has never looked back!

She originally specialised in partner acrobatics, but after a couple of broken ankles moved on to whip cracking, lasso and knife throwing.

Some 4 years ago, she met her husband-to-be, Port Macquarie local Gordo Gambsy at the Western Australian Circus Festival. And as fate would have it, Gordo is also a performer so they set about travelling the world wowing spectators. Last year they moved back to Gordo’s hometown Port Macquarie to have their first baby, Spike.

The Magic of the Arts

Lucy had always loved extra-curricular activities as a child. She loved the energy and richness of art, dance, gymnastics, music and choir. She felt there was something magical about the arts and wanted to learn as much as possible.

Studying Performance Design at Manchester University was a way to combine her love for theatre with her love of painting and she enjoyed working as a set designer for a number of years.

Twist of Fate

It was actually by accident that Lucy became a professional performer.

She was working for an outdoor circus theatre company Artizani as a stage manager and prop maker when they soon discovered her many other talents and decided to put her on stage for the next show!

It really was a lightning bolt moment for Lucy. From then on, she concentrated on training her circus skills and creating shows.

First Love

Lucy’s first love has always been acrobatics and she worked with a wonderful acrobatic partner when she was residing in England. After a number of injuries that took their toll on her body, she stopped performing acrobatics.

Now she centres her performances on cowgirl skills, whip cracking, lasso and knife throwing which are her favourites! As a further extension of her talents, Lucy also plays musical saw which she loves for its quirkiness!

Throughout her entertainment career, Lucy has had many memorable experiences. She recalls wonderful memories of going to the World Musical Saw Festival in New York, performing in a martial arts stadium in Tokyo and she also loves being a part of local events and small festivals in a park that have so much heart and soul.

Where there is an eager and curious crowd, regardless of where they are, Lucy is happy to perform.

The Great Gordo Gambsy

Lucy’s husband, The Great Gordo Gambsy is a 13 times world record holder. From the big stage to little sideshow tents, Gordo has done it all.

He has performed sword swallowing, amazing stunts like cutting apples out of his mouth with a chainsaw or pulling a car with his tongue.

Lucy and Gordo have performed together a few times, and they are also happy to shine in their own individual performances and give each other the freedom to do their thing.

Bringing Art to the Community

A recent local event Lucy loved being a part of was Artwalk in Port Macquarie. Her talents came to life as she created a poetry trail using traditional hand-painted lettering techniques - a response to COVID-19 and the lack of live shows.

For Lucy, entertainment is not just about her enjoying her art. She is highly passionate about letting people access the arts, having people come together outdoors and nothing drives her more than seeing people enjoy her work.

Lucy believes the arts can enrich people's lives, allow them to momentarily escape to another world, and provide entertainment, laughter and moments of reflection. Lucy is inspired by how much we all have to share.

She says: “If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it's that coming together with others is a vital part of what it is to be human.”

The Balancing Act

When asked how she balances work and home life, she smiled and said:

“It's tricky! I have a one-year-old son, Spike, who is so sweet and full of energy. I love sharing my artistic practice with him in any way I can. My husband and I take turns to look after him whilst the other one works. I feel very lucky to have such a supportive partner, who understands my need to create as well as be a mother.”

Outside of work, Lucy loves swimming at the beach. As she grew up in an industrial city in the North of England, she says diving through the waves is what connects her with a natural part of her that will never get old.

Locked Down but Growing in Spirit

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lucy turned the situation around and took the opportunity to rekindle her love of visual arts and painting. Beyond her involvement in Artwalk, she recently created a mural outside the CWA in Wauchope to commemorate the hard work by the RFS during the 2019 bushfires.

Although Lucy is taking a break from performing to be with her little son Spike, the COVID-19 lockdown has fired up Lucy´s desire to be back on stage. Together with her husband Gordo, she is currently working on a cabaret night to perform locally in 2021 - watch this space for her exciting news!

Thank you, Lucy, for sharing your talent and art!

Clay Art Workshop at the Post Macquarie Museum, Feature story by Brilliant-Online
Clay Art Workshop at the Post Macquarie Museum

Be Entertained! Follow Lucy's journey below.

To find out more, visit:

Instagram: @lucygamsbyfrost

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