Step into the World of Tim Walker's Story Boxes

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

✦ Tim's story boxes are inspired by his love for theatre

Tim Walker, Story Boxes, featured on Brilliant-Online
Tim Walker creates unique Story Boxes inspired by nature.

Beautiful Rainbow Beach, Bonny Hills was the perfect backdrop for our interview with Tim Walker. Most Greater Port Macquarie locals know this friendly face as the Business and Community Development Manager of Hastings Co-operative. But Brilliant-Online has discovered another side to Tim that not many may know. He is a very talented artist and has been exhibiting at the Wauchope Creative Hub.

Originally from New Zealand, Tim came over to sunny Australia when he was just 21 years of age. The only time he had been away was for seven years when he was in England. Now aged 54, he has made his home at the picturesque Bonny Hills seaside village with his wife and two teenage sons.

A Love for the Arts

A community man at heart, Tim has been involved with many groups over the years as a creative. He finds a sense of relief and relaxation in his involvement in the arts, which has taken many forms over the years. Creativity clearly runs in this man's veins!

Tim is a musician, and he plays the guitar. He has also done theatre and he is now creating magical pieces of intriguing artworks via the medium of paper tole.

As a young man, he studied as an actor and performed in theatre at the tender age of 14 in New Zealand. He then furthered his acting career as a 21-year-old in Australia participating in many different shows, always with his guitar on his back.

Now Tim may have packed up his guitar but it is certainly not curtains down for him yet. Far from it.

Story Boxes that Come Alive

Tim Walker, Story Boxes, featured on Brilliant-Online
Tim's story boxes are made from paper, cardboard, leather and finished off beautifully with paint.

Tim has taken his creativity a step further, and is delving into paper tole and creating what he calls 'story boxes'. Tim's story boxes are made from paper, cardboard, leather and finished off beautifully with paint.

Each creation tells a story, either created from a memory or a landscape.

These story boxes are also inspired by his love for theatre. There is a story in every single one of them. If you have a chance to look at some of Tim's story boxes, you will want to spend some time simply peering into each box and be surprised at all the different intricacies you will find. It is rather like stepping into a magical wonderland in each story box. You never know what you are going to find.

Paper tole is an old term used to describe a photograph or painting that is layered. Tim’s art takes this concept and develops it further, turning it into a montage of layers. A three dimensional sort of magic box, Tim's works are intriguing and they draw you in. They take you to a magical place that is only limited by your imagination.

What is interesting is Tim did not start making these story boxes because he saw them elsewhere. The story boxes are his own creation. He had seen the art of paper tole which has a 'flatter' feel to it, and he basically pushed the concept further and gave it 'body' by making it three dimensional.

The Story Box Process

Tim Walker, Story Boxes, featured on Brilliant-Online
Tim just needs a pencil and paper to start his story box

What Tim needs at the start of each creation is simple. Just a pencil and paper - and of course, his rich imagination!

He thinks about what he wants to depict; perhaps a landscape or a forest and then he simply lets his creativity run with the idea, through his hand and onto paper.