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Looking Out for a Good Story with Desley Polmear

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

✦ Wauchope's very own local renowned author is inspiring others on their own writing journeys

Desley Polmear is a local author residing in Wauchope who has become a best-selling author after completing a murder mystery trilogy. The trilogy starts with Unlocked Secrets, followed by Just Before Midnight and it concludes with Payback.

The second of the trilogy, Just Before Midnight was even reviewed by the New York Times.

When you read her trilogy you may be expecting someone a lot more sombre with a darker nature perhaps, but Desley is, in fact, quite the opposite! She has an infectious exuberance and her love for life rubs off on people in her presence. When you meet Desley, the brightness of her smile is the first thing that strikes you, and it stays with you through the entire time you are listening to her.

Diversified Inspiration

Since writing the trilogy, Desley has published two more novels - Shattered and Fractured Souls.

Her inspiration certainly does not run dry as she has also ventured beyond novels and as written an inspirational verse book as well as an autobiography My Early Years. She has made contributions to other local anthologies.

When she isn't writing, she is holding workshops on the art of fiction writing and has often been invited to speak at libraries, book clubs, VIEW and Probus clubs as well as grassroots writers festivals. Desley is someone who brings to life exuberance and fun in her craft, and that is something that people listening to her can pick up on and be inspired by.

While it is clear that writing and reading are Desley's passions, what people may not know is that she is also very much into watercolour and acrylic painting. Her interests extends into the performative arts as she enjoys going to ballets and musicals.

In fact, she even sings! Desley has actually been singing since an early age and she enjoyed being in the productions of Les Miserables and Jesus Christ Superstar. With such an extensive range of diverse interests and passions, there is plenty of inspiration and material for Desley to weave many stories.

Written Inspiration

Desley was not always a writer. Previously, she had her own counselling practice on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Her aim then was to help and inspire others to lead more fulfilling lives and not live in the past. She has an intuitive nature which she sees as a special gift. It was something she used to gain insight and help people.

Retirement came but it was certainly not a call for Desley to rest and take it easy. She set out to join a writers group and that was where she was bitten by the bug and found her passion for writing fiction. For Desley, when she is writing, she is in her happy place.

This has since become her calling and she now runs her own writing group where she helps people to find their hidden creativity. Whether as a counsellor or a writer, helping people is perhaps Desley's true profession.

Her curiosity in people's stories and keen observation help provide her with inspiration to seed her writing. As Desley herself loves to say, she's always on the lookout for a good story.


If you are wondering about what Desley's novels are like, here's a little summary of two of her novels to bait you.

Shattered is a fiction novel published in March 2019. It is set in Wauchope, Beechwood and Port Macquarie. Those of you living in there may be excited to find familiar references in the novel. 

Shattered tells the story of a family living on a property west of Wauchope. At twenty years of age, twins, Gracie and Jack Lawson face a tragedy. Days later, on 8th August 2008, their father, criminal defence lawyer, Harold Lawson, walks out the front door leaving the family to fend for themselves. The respected Lawson name becomes media fodder. Family secrets are revealed which were supposed to remain hidden. 

Ten years later, in 2018, Gracie, while teaching in the small town, falls in love with Booker Harrington. Tragedy strikes, leaving Gracie physically and emotionally shattered. A friend, Jayde Carlson, takes a liking to the handsome Booker. Will Booker support Gracie in her time of need, or will he betray her?

Fractured Souls

Fractured Souls is Desley’s latest book which was published in November 2021.

The story is about a father, Rhys Collins, who went to sea to work but never came home, leaving behind 13-year-old Miriam and his 6-year-old twins. Their father's sister, aunt Daisy took in the three children and raised them as her own. 

Miriam adored her father, and wondered for years why he abandoned all three of them. 

Where was he? Was he still alive? If he were alive, was he thinking of his children? 

From pre World War II, Wales, UK, to the turn of the century in Sydney, the reader is taken on Rhys' journey of adventures, strife and multiple identities. 

Will Miriam and her siblings find their missing father before he becomes completely lost in the constant dramas of his own making?

Where to buy Desley's books

You can purchase Desley's books online at: or hop on to Book Face in Port Macquarie or Dymocks bookstores everywhere.

Listen and Be Inspired

Desley will be speaking about her writing journey at the Wauchope Library on the 25th March, 2022 at 10:30am and the Port Macquarie library on the 20th April, 2022 at 10:00am.

Come grab a spot and perhaps you could be inspired to pick up a pen and paper and have a go at discovering your own personal writing journey!


Desley Polmear

+61 475 244 028


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