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Brilliant September 2022

✦ Welcome to September’s edition of Brilliant-Online, the winner’s issue!

Ben Tirebuck, Editor, Brilliant-Online

We as a team at Brilliant love and respect life’s winners and constantly strive to champion them through our stories. Past editions have seen glowing celebrations of mothers, fathers, the LGBT community, local business and entrepreneurs, sporting figures and those that provide care in the community, amongst others.

This month we celebrate the life and career of arguably the greatest female tennis player of all time. Serena Williams was a true phenomena of the court who won 71 titles in a glittering career stretching over 20 years. She announced her retirement recently so she can focus on winning in other areas of her life, namely business and her family. We’ve no doubts she already is.

Closer to home we focus on the recent 2022 Wauchope and Hinterland Business Awards and highlight the various winners and those highly-commended; from Baked Culture to Epic Rides & Tours via Reptile Solutions, with many more inbetween, we profile and celebrate the achievements of these outstanding local businesses who all have one thing in common – they are winners!

Although we do not have a specific story dedicated to this individual, we felt it would be remiss not to pay our respects to one of the biggest winners any of us have ever seen – Queen Elizabeth II.

The monarch passed away on September 8th leaving a legacy over a 70-year period that is unlikely to ever be surpassed. A selfless woman of amazing grace who dedicated her entire life to serving her people, in the UK and the Commonwealth. The outpouring of grief and respect from all over the world is a fitting testimony to a woman who was the epitomy of one of life’s true winners.

In a world of ever increasing velocity that often appears to be losing its heart, mind and moral compass, Elizabeth II will forever stand as a bastion of class and an example that we all could and should learn from.

RIP Your Majesty.

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