Dinki Co is proudly Australian and creating a better business

Updated: Sep 10

✦ Positive change, responsible decisions and ethical practices make for a better business!

What if we told you you could buy a product that is:

- not tested on animals in any way

- everything is recyclable

- 100% Aussie made and owned

- 50% of the annual profits go towards local Australian wildlife charities

That's what Dinki Co is doing.

Don't just think. Do!

Consumers nowadays have gone beyond merely being environmentally-conscious. Now people want to actively DO something about it that will make a difference. Thinking is no longer enough.

Dinki Co rose out of the desire to create a better business.

They are socially and ethically conscious of their impact on the world. They want to contribute positively to society, driving change for the better. Founded by Jacob Young (you may remember him from last month's Brilliant story on Father's Day), Dinki Co actively involves and trusts their customers to make informed decisions that can positively impact society. And Jacob knew that they had to take the first step. It was up to them as a retailer to lead the way with responsible, transparent business choices and ethical practices.

Dinki Co's Bush Buddies

Dinki Co has adopted their own bush buddies to support.

The hubris humans have of thinking they own the planet and can do whatever they want is now frowned upon. Animals inhabit this planet too, and many have been here way longer than modern man has. Many suffer as a result of human greed and everywhere we are starting to see a movement towards guarding animal rights and protection.

"Conservative estimates put more than 1,800 plant and animal species and woodlands, forests and wetlands at risk of extinction due to the intertwined pressures of climate change, land use practices, habitat loss and invasive species." - The Guardian

Australians will remember early 2020 when devastating bushfires swept through killing thousands of native flora and fauna. Animals in Australia are facing a crisis, and if we want future generations to continue to exist with these creatures we need to do something right now. If not, our grandchildren may grow up in a world where kangaroos and koalas only exist as images and not in real life.

That is why 50% of Dinki Co's annual profits go to local wildlife charities. When you buy from Dinki Co, you are also helping the kangaroos, the koalas, the birds, the fish and the bees. Dinki Co partnered with Southern Koala and Echidna Rescue to help protect Australia's native species.

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