What is it like being a male Educator at TG's Child Care?

Updated: Sep 20

✦ The world of education is starting to change and we are gradually seeing more men decide to step into this industry and share their gifts!

TG's Child Care is well-loved in the communities across regional Australia and trusted as the stewardship of the children's future. Families know about their high quality early childhood practices and philosophy of Playing is Learning for Life.

What many may not be aware of is, out of 174 Educators across all the campuses of TG's Child Care, four of them are men! TG's Child Care advocates for diversity and inclusivity not just with regards to the children and families but also their Educators. TG's is proud of their ever growing team of professional, qualified, respectful and caring Educators who are passionately focused on and committed to the unique learning journeys of every child. Working at TG's is to be nurtured in an inclusive culture where all Educators, leaders and management feel respected, listened to and supported.

That is why TG's male Educators are thriving in this beautiful environment, where they are happy to share their gifts, knowledge and experience. Brilliant-Online got curious about what life is like for the male Educators at TG's, and we were really inspired by what they had to share!

Jake Eather

TG's Child Care Armidale

"Being a male educator in early childcare has been very challenging at times. I started out as a very shy and introverted young male who had no input at the start of this amazing journey.

"It has been rewarding to look back and be proud of the growth that I have achieved. This couldn’t have been achieved without the training and guidance that I have been given at TG's. It has given me the confidence to do the job right and be a great role model to the children.

"I have many fun moments at TG’s, especially when the children are trying new experiences such as experimenting, show and tell, drawing, painting and telling each other jokes through the day.

"The gifts I have gotten out of this job have been a new found confidence, respect, and patience with everything.

"I wouldn’t be the male role model I am today without the amazing women that have supported, encouraged and believed in me so that I can be my best."

"I became a father recently, and childcare has given me the best head start to be a supportive partner, and to have an understanding of how I can be a good dad."

Jake's nugget of wisdom

"My advice for other male educators looking into getting into childcare is to try your best to have a voice and an input. You will overcome the concerns of not being accepted with ease as you build more self-confidence. Definitely, having continued support around you will make it a lot easier to have your opinion heard."

Congratulations to Jake on his newborn, and we are certain that with all that he has built up at TG's, he's going to be the best dad his child will need!

Luke Carlon

TG's Child Care Uralla

"Being a male educator in early childcare has been a particularly challenging experience with plenty of ups and downs throughout my journey. I’m extremely fortunate to have such amazing support system here at TG's.