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Angus Hawkes needs your help!

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

✦ Young Angus Hawkes is battling a rare and virulent form of cancer. His family is asking for help in this trying time.

Buy a raffle ticket to raise money for Angus and his family, 100% of the money raised will go directly to them.

Raffle Drawn Sunday 18th September at Sharks Presentation for Angus and his Family

We are asking for your support for Luke, Lauren and Indie Hawkes as together they put all their energy and love into helping their 10-year-old son/brother Angus in his battle against a malignant tumour on his bladder. Doctors have identified the tumour as one of the rarest tumor types known in the world and Angus is facing the fight of his life to overcome the illness.

Angus Hawkes - Son, brother, friend

Angus goes to school locally and loves his footy very much. He has been a very strong player at the Sharks Junior Rugby League footy club since he started playing in the under 6 grade, so of course when they heard about Angus the Sharkies came together to try and help the family while they focus all their energy on their beautiful little boy getting the treatment he needs for a full recovery.

Angus has been a resident at Ronald McDonald House Newcastle since the beginning of August undergoing a series of tests to determine the best course of action to treat the illness. Due to the rarity of the tumour, the doctors needed 100% surety before starting treatment. Those tests have now been completed and doctors have decided upon a treatment program for Angus.

This will be a challenging time for Angus and his family. Rare cancer specialists at Sydney Children's Hospital are now in charge of the treatment program which has meant Angus and his family have had to relocate to Randwick whilst they try and treat the tumour using the very latest in new medications under the watchful eye of the specialists.

We ask you to please join with us to help Angus and his family in this fight against a terrible disease. The Hawkes family face uncertain times. Their life is now all about being there for Angus as it should be.

Updates from the Family

Week 1

The boy is doing so well!

He's been subjected to endless tests and scans and has taken it all in his stride. A fan favourite with the nurses.

Wednesday he had his first surgery to take a biopsy of the tumour, install a central line for chemo and a drain to his sick kidney. All that went so well.

Fast forward to Friday and we're still awaiting some genetic testing on the tumour sample. Seems to be a very rare tumour - 1 in 1 million. Hoping for a treatment plan mid-next week and hopeful some of the treatment can take place back home whilst we await the next surgery.

Brave doesn't even begin to cover it with this boy. Always smiling.

We honestly cannot thank everyone enough for their support. The calls, messages, gifts and offers of help have been overwhelming and we are just so lucky.

Week 2

The boy is still amazing to us with his strength and bravery. Still smiling everyday. We're so proud of him.

We spent most of the week at Ronald McDonald House awaiting results and popping over to the hospital for daily checks. Due to the rarity of the tumour we needed 100% surety before starting treatment. We also need to make sure his healthy kidney is stable enough.

Yesterday, we got that piece of paper we've been waiting on. So now it's full steam ahead.

Today we zoomed with the rare cancer specialist at Sydney Children's Hospital who will take over from here and treatment should start next week. Monday we will relocate to Randwick for the next few weeks whilst we try and shrink this tumour down using a very new medication under the watchful eye of the experts down there.

Again, we want to thank all the wonderful people in our lives for their love and support.

Week 3

This week we relocated to Sydney Children's Hospital to start treatment with our new specialist oncologist.

Took a couple of days to make a final decision on what type of chemo to administer. Unfortunately Angus' tumour is so rare that there actually isn't an approved Australian standard treatment.

Happy to report that treatment begun yesterday. Now we wait until this monster shrinks down and next step, surgery. Hopeful that we can spend some time at home between now and then.

As always, Angus is doing amazing. Brave, tough, resilient and we're so proud of him.

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