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Brilliant August 2022.

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

✦ Welcome to August’s edition of Brilliant-Online.

Ben Tirebuck, Editor, Brilliant-Online

With Father’s Day just around the corner in Australia (September 5th for those who may have forgotten!) we turn our focus and pay our respects to all the wonderful dads out there, placing them firmly in the spotlight on their special day!

Dad’s role in the family dynamic is, of course, integral to providing a sense of safety and security, a grounding point and sound moral compass. Fathers, as with mothers, are role models to their children and carry a huge responsibility as to how their children see and make sense of the world, while promoting the growth of self-worth, love, tenderness, humour, compassion and strength. A father’s impact on the lives of his children is, undoubtedly, profound.

However, the traditional definition of fatherhood has changed dramatically in recent years and we take a deeper dive into this to look how changing attitudes and broader acceptance in society has reshaped the role of the patriarch. We also catch up with local dad Jacob Young, founder of Dinki Co, who shares his joy at society embracing inclusivity and celebrating each other's differences instead of fearing them.

It’s also National Dog Day Down Under this month and we’re not forgetting our furry friends as we have several Brilliant stories paying tribute to men’s best friend.

Elsewhere, we catch up with five local fantastic creative experts who showcase their wonderful skills as part of the Wauchope Creative Hub and also look forward to the return of Motofest to the Wauchope Showground after several years absence due to COVID-19. While on that topic, we take a holistic view on where we are at in the world right now with the pandemic and how it continues to shape our lives.

There is so much more to get stuck into and we genuinely hope you enjoy each and every one of this month’s Brilliant stories.

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