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Brilliant July 2022

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

✦ Welcome to July’s edition of Brilliant-Online.

Ben Tirebuck, Editor, Brilliant-Online

This month we are celebrating friendship, inclusivity and diversity, values that we constantly champion and that we believe very much underpin our ethos at Brilliant-Online. We wholly embrace these values, reflected in our approach to our work and by the fact that our team is made up of diverse mix of individuals scattered all over the world that we hope present an alternative, exciting and brilliant perspective to the stories we bring to you.

“Different” is a word we celebrate, not mock. Being different doesn’t mean anything is wrong or bad - it simply means an opinion, belief or look contrary to others. An alternative that provides choice, options. As individuals and a society we learn through difference. It helps us develop and become more rounded, knowledgable and tolerant people. Personally, one of my favourite sayings has always been, “there are too many sheep in the world and not enough shepherds!”

We genuinely believe here at Brilliant-Online such an approach helps foster a notion of understanding and kindness which means we ultimately treat everyone and everything with respect. And we hope that this permeates to our customers who are able to share stories about themselves and their business to a broader community, which effectively helps them sell without selling.

So this month we showcase people like Jessica Gardner, who shares her very personal story of how she embraced Islam. We focus on how with open arms Australia embraced the Taliban-fleeing Afghan women’s football team. We also take a deep dive into the life and times of one Elvis Aaron Presley, someone classed as “different” prior to his global fame. And if being “different” is good enough for the King of Rock n’ Roll, then it sure is good enough for us!

There’s a whole lot more that we hope you enjoy - especially if it leaves you thinking and looking at things a little “differently!”

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