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Bonza first flight lands in Port Macquarie from Tullamarine Melbourne

Updated: May 10, 2023

✦ Clear the runway! Bonza has launched its Melbourne to Port Macquarie route!

May 4th 2023 was certainly an eventful day as we looked to the skies. Connections grow even closer as there is now a new direct route between Melbourne (Tullamarine) and Port Macquarie. This means travellers can access the culture, gastronomy and sporting events between both areas with flights starting from just $69 per person (one way).

This new service operates twice weekly on Mondays and Thursdays. It has been specially planned so travel bugs can enjoy long weekends in both Melbourne and Port Macquarie.


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A boost for the arts

It's not just travellers who welcome this new route. Local performing artists Gordo and Lucy Gamsby were at Port Macquarie to greet the flight full of customers. They said the flight is going to be a game changer for locals and the arts. Gordo and Lucy run the Tortuga Festival and perform at Port Macquarie's annual Art Walk event in June. For art lovers and performers, this means their options have increased and they won't ever have to miss a performance of their favourite artist or an art exhibition now that both locations are so easily accessible. It is clearly a boost for the arts community.

To celebrate this joyous event, the Gamsby duo were there to treat passengers to a special performance as they disembarked the aircraft.

"We are seeing great demand from travellers on both directions of this new route. With fares starting from $69 per person, the low-cost service is allowing communities to connect including the arts and culture communities with direct access to a long list of events and festivals," said Tim Jordan, CEO of Bonza, who flew with customers back to Melbourne.
Tim Jordan, CEO of Bonza | Brilliant-Online
Tim Jordan, CEO of Bonza, loves how Bonza is bringing people together across Australia

Mr. Jordan has more than 25 years of air transport experience, notably in low-cost airline operations. Bonza serves the domestic market and flies to many other places which other airlines do not. That is what makes Bonza stand out, and what Mr. Jordan is proud of. Aviation went from taking one single human up to the skies across different lands, to bringing people much closer together across distances.

“Our team of legends are thrilled that Aussies are embracing Bonza as we continue our mission to provide affordable air travel to the many, not the few,” added Jordan.

Customers onboard the flight were a mix of people mostly travelling for holiday and visiting friends and family.

Passengers who were on the flight were delighted with the experience. To support her husband who is competing in the Ironman event in Port Macquarie, Hayley Curran was travelling with her daughter Lily, her son Josh as well as grandma Nina and grandpa Tim. Lily had a wonderful time on the flight, saying, "I love the stretchy pillows and the flight is very comfortable!" Having been so well taken care of by Bonza, the Curran family is now ready to cheer their favourite Ironman on!

The Curran Family from left: Tim, Nina, Lily, Hayley, Josh disembarking the first flight from Melbourne to Port Macquarie on 4th May 2023
The Curran Family from left: Tim, Nina, Lily, Hayley, Josh disembarking the first flight from Melbourne to Port Macquarie on 4th May 2023

Creating opportunities for the economy

It is not surprising that locals would be excited and eager to know more with the arrival of Bonza from Melbourne.

Welcoming Bonza from left: Tim Jordan CEO of Bonza, Gordo and Lucy Gamsby, Dr Clare Allen Port Macquarie Hastings Council CEO, Danielle Maltman Councillor - Port Macquarie Hastings Council

Welcoming Bonza from left: Tim Jordan CEO of Bonza, Gordo and Lucy Gamsby, Dr Clare Allen Port Macquarie Hastings Council CEO, Danielle Maltman Councillor - Port Macquarie Hastings Council

"Bonza’s arrival today from Melbourne Airport is a game-changer for our region, providing for the first time in history a direct link between the Port Macquarie Hastings and Victoria," said Dr Clare Allen, Port Macquarie Hastings Council CEO.

“With direct flights already servicing Sydney and Brisbane, it is wonderful to see Melbourne - now Australia’s largest city - added to this list of destinations and I look forward to seeing the opportunities that this will create for our local tourism and business economies.” - Dr Clare Allen, Port Macquarie Hastings Council CEO

The route is the second to launch from Bonza’s second base at Melbourne Airport this week with Tamworth introduced on Tuesday.

"Melbourne prides itself on being Australia’s capital of major events, food, sport and culture, so there really is something here for everyone... But we also think there will be plenty of Victorians keen for a taste of everything Port Macquarie has to offer, so it’s exciting to see our two parts of the world directly connected.” - Jim Parashos, Melbourne Airport Chief of Aviation

More flights to come!

Bonza will wrap up the introduction of its initial 27 routes to 17 destinations on 23 May. Here are more launches of services:

6 May - Between Tamworth and Sunshine Coast

8 May - Melbourne and Mildura

10 May - Bundaberg

11 May - Gladstone

23 May - Mackay

If this news is stirring up the wanderlust in you, download the Fly Bonza app now. It is the only place to book direct for your flight. Check out what it's like onboard!

The Bonza Experience

Australia’s new, and only independent low-cost airline, enabling Australians to explore more of their own backyard, and at low-cost prices. Bonza’s initial route map includes 27 routes to 17 destinations. 93% of Bonza routes are not currently served by any airline and 96% not currently served by a low-cost carrier. The only place to book direct is on the Fly Bonza App.


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