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Dream Big, Dream Strong, GoЯdo Gamsby

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Gordo Gamsby graces the cover of June 2021 Brilliant-Online Magazine

As a young boy, GoЯdo spent hours in the school library, fascinated by the Guinness Book of World Records. He poured over every page and gaped at every stupefying feat ever done by real humans all over the world. He thought how amazing it would be if young people like himself could be out there doing the same.

And that was exactly what this little boy did. He set his own records. And GoЯdo has been breaking records ever since. All thanks to the power of a single book, and the talent and endurance of all the amazing people in the book that inspired GoЯdo.

Photo: GoЯdo Gamsby was already famous when he was born. Featured in Port News as Baby of the Week.

The Port Macquarie Daredevil

This little boy grew up to be the Port Macquarie Daredevil, GoЯdo Gamsby, and he is the world’s strangest strong man.

A country boy who did not quite fit into the “normal” mode, GoЯdo has an amazing range of astounding abilities. You may want to hold your jaw up as we take you through his career. We are talking about someone who enjoys doing outrageous things like swallowing swords. Yes, swords. Not a cherry stone or cod liver oil. Cold, hard, sharp, nasty swords.

From the big stage of the London National Theatre and the Sydney Opera House to little sideshow tents and TV shows, GoЯdo has been thrilling audiences around the world. To date, he has 12 Guinness world records under his belt (someone please give him another belt!), and anyone who has seen him perform never forgets him.

Who is GoЯdo Gamsby?

Believe it or not, GoЯdo is a simple family man. He has a loving partner Lucy Frost and a little bouncing toddler Spike. GoЯdo’s family is proud and supportive of his work, though sometimes they are not sure about the full extent of what he does. The GoЯdo that people see on stage is simply a more confident and exuberant version of the GoЯdo at home who is a loving husband and doting father.

On stage, GoЯdo is an extreme visceral entertainer. His acts shock and amaze and leave people gasping. Most do not know which question to ask first - why on earth would anyone do that or how in the world did he do that?!

GoЯdo is a sword swallower and a neon tube sword swallower … and the list goes on! Swords, apples and even bar stool legs, GoЯdo has had a taste of them. On top of that he is also a cigar box manipulator, juggler, fire performer and suspension artist.

Shocking the World

The little boy hunched over the Guinness book in the library would probably never have thought that one day, he would be travelling to and performing in 30 countries around the world.

GoЯdo has met amazing people and seen incredible places on his travels throughout his career. Now he is content to call Port Macquarie home. The first time GoЯdo travelled away from the Hastings Valley, he was exposed to an incredible perspective of people. He learnt to find comfort in surprising similarities across cultures and appreciate the differences that make people unique.

GoЯdo had been travelling for a solid 15 years performing at all imaginable places - London National Theatre, squats in Berlin, open air festivals in the street, private rooftop parties, cruise ships and he has even graced the odd birthday party and threw in some dazzling feats there.

Travelling and performing can be gruelling but GoЯdo has loved every minute of it. He is not quite done with travelling yet, but he is certainly ready to slow down a little. GoЯdo is keeping his performances a little more local now, much to the delight of the community!

Can’t Get Enough of GoЯdo

GoЯdo’s performances have a mystical thrill to them that keeps people spellbound and wanting more.

His most memorable performance was in a show at the Imaginarium Festival in France. The stage was in an old boomed pool house. The audience liked the show so much they scaled the walls trying to see! And that was not the end of the excitement! After the show was over, the riot police had to be called in to clear the crowd! And all this because of one single man - GoЯdo Gamsby!

GoЯdo thrives on the reaction he gets from people when they are watching his shows. You get truly honest reactions, be they fear or pure excitement. This is the power of extreme visceral theatre.

Breaking Records

The Great GoЯdo Gamsby is famous worldwide and a Guinness World Record Holder. He has a reputation for high impact stunts and has been at the forefront of sideshows and circuses as well as a vaudeville performer.

To date, GoЯdo holds 12 Guinness world records - from sword swallowing and feats of strength to manipulation.

GoЯdo’s feats of strength, skill and dexterity have brought him some of the following Guinness World Records:

  • 2007 - Four men swallowed the four steel legs of the same bar stool. The record was established in front of a live audience during a show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, UK, on 21 August 2007.

  • Chayne and GoЯdo currently hold the record for the farthest distance to throw and catch a running chainsaw - 4 metres (13 ft 1 in), which took place at London Wonderground, UK, on 14 September 2012.

  • GoЯdo is our current record holder for the heaviest weight pulled with the tongue - 132 kg (291 lb) by The Great GoЯdo Gamsby at London Wonderground, UK, on 16 September 2012. GoЯdo used a hook through his tongue to pull his assistant Daniella D'Ville as she sat on a low-loading trolley.

  • In 2014 pulling a 1,056kg car with a hook in his tongue.

  • Most apples held in own mouth and cut by chainsaw in one minute. (Now this title is held by WANG LEI of DeZhou China on 30 Nov 2020)

  • 2017 - The Sword of Swords

  • He also broke his earlier world record of smashing the most number of concrete slabs on his stomach while lying on a bed of nails.

  • Most cigar box end to ends in 30 seconds.

  • Most fire clubs juggled whilst swallowing a sword.

  • Most throws and catches of juggling clubs whilst 2 people swallow swords.

GoЯdo was told recently that his apple record has been broken and he is now itching to write to Wang Lei from China and ask if he would be up for a head to head!

When asked which of his Guinness records he found most memorable, GoЯdo without a doubt chose his first - the most sword swallowers swallowing the same object at the same time. It certainly got him started on collecting more and more Guinness records through his career!

So is there anything that GoЯdo Gamsby has not done in his life?

He is musing on it and perhaps he would work on some new records ... or perhaps it could be a good time to start working on having a travelling family circus!

One thing is sure though - GoЯdo Gambsy will still be stunning audiences with his eye popping feats, so if you are lucky, you may catch him at the next event near you. Be sure to get your seat so you do not have to scale walls just to watch GoЯdo’s amazing acts!

Here are some of GoЯdo’s performances

Contact GoЯdo Gamsby


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