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A Little MEG a Day Keeps TG's Children Joyful at Play!

Updated: Apr 10

TG's Child Care have a superpower they want to share, and that is the power of Little MEG - Mindfulness, Empathy and Gratitude.

Every day, TG's Child Care is cultivating Little Heroes, all with the help of a superpower called Little MEG.

TG's children are highly appreciative of our real life superheroes like the paramedics and firemen! And guess what... Spiderman came by to visit! He's one well-loved superhero who has tons of empathy!

Mindfulness, Empathy and Gratitude affectionately known as Little MEG at TG's, are deeply ingrained in the DNA of everyone in the TG's Family. These values are not just a way of life for the children and Educators, but they also have a positive influence on their families and communities. Whenever people step into TG's, they always notice what a joyful, loving space it is. That's the magic of Little MEG at play. Little MEG is essential in helping TG's children discover their Inner Zen, and there are plenty of enjoyable ways to incorporate it into their daily routines.

As everyone at TG's often says, "Put Little MEG in your pocket!" Mindfulness, Empathy and Gratitude are powerful tools you can take with you wherever you go!

*As you may recall from our Brilliant Stories, TG's Child Care also has another beloved MEG, Meg Barnden-Hyde, who is lovingly referred to as the Mother Hen of TG's!

Meg herself is a walking example of how one can use mindfulness, empathy and gratitude in both her personal and professional life. As the State Manager looking after all six of TG's campuses, Meg uses these skills to help her fully expand her leadership role at TG's. For Meg, being a Mindful Leader means nurturing connections with her team based on love, respect, compassion and honesty.

"By providing an environment where people feel welcomed, supported, trusted and respected, we then provide the right environment to nurture, guide and support others to reach their fullest potential. This has helped create a robust level of trust and respect, which is paramount in any business but especially important in early childhood education."
"Within the business, we regard the TG’s Educators, the children we teach and their families as one big happy family and as a cornerstone of the community, something that we believe has contributed whole-heartedly to our excellent reputation." - Meg Barnden-Hyde, NSW State Manager, TG´s Child Care

Why MEG?

When children regularly practice mindfulness, empathy, and gratitude (MEG), they develop increased consideration and kindness. The practice of MEG helps children acquire the skills to understand and manage their own emotions, regulate their stress levels, and recognise when others are experiencing similar emotions. Additionally, children learn to value and respect diverse individuals and cultures, as well as appreciate the blessings provided by their surroundings.

Today, TG's children are sharing their amazing superpower and offering suggestions on how we can all incorporate a little MEG into our lives. These tools are invaluable for promoting mental health, so let's explore some ideas from TG's children! Even adults can benefit from these tips, so why not give it a go, and unleash your own hidden superpowers?

1. Mindfulness: The Superpower Within

Imagine a child sitting cross-legged, eyes closed, taking deep breaths. It's not just a dream; it's mindfulness in action! At TG's, children are not only familiar with this practice, but they also go home and share it with their families. Mindfulness helps children develop awareness of their thoughts, emotions, and surroundings, fostering focus and emotional well-being. But how do TG's children acquire this superpower?

a) Practising Presence: TG's Educators promote activities that foster focused attention, such as painting or delicately transplanting seedlings in the garden. TG's children fully embrace the present moment, unburdened by distractions, and most importantly, they thoroughly enjoy themselves! Remember, there are lots of Play Experts at TG's where Playing is Learning for Life!

b) Mindful Breathing: TG's children are taught the importance of taking slow, deep breaths when they experience intense emotions. This simple yet impactful technique enables them to find inner peace even in the midst of chaos.

TG's children are introduced to various engaging breathing exercises that resonate with them, such as blowing bubbles, tracing their five fingers, practicing bunny breaths, and unleashing their inner dragon with fire breaths. By equipping children with these uncomplicated techniques, we empower them to regain control and calmness when they are feeling upset.

2. Empathy: The Heartfelt Connection

Empathy is a powerful tool that allows children to comprehend, empathise, and forge connections with the emotions of others. It cultivates qualities such as kindness, compassion, and the ability to build meaningful relationships. At TG's, the essence of love, care, and respect permeates every playspace. Both educators and children at TG's embrace and embody nurturing, kind, and loving behaviour. As a result, children who experience this environment at TG's carry these values back to their families and communities, naturally spreading empathy to others.

Empathy has a beautiful domino effect. When we receive it from someone, we benefit from this healing power and we naturally want to pay it forward to someone else. When we receive empathy, we feel heard, understood and accepted. What a powerful loving gift to give to someone!

a) Storytelling: TG's children absolutely love stories, and TG's dedicated Educators are always ready to read with them books that promote diversity, compassion, and empathy. As TG's children engage in these captivating tales and thrilling adventures, they develop the ability to empathise with others and wholeheartedly embrace their distinct journeys. At TG's everyone's unique learning journey is respected, and everyone's gifts are celebrated.

b) Role-Playing: TG's Educators also promote children's participation in role-playing scenarios, allowing them to imagine themselves as someone else. TG's playspaces offer numerous opportunities for such activities. One day they can pretend to be a veterinarian, taking care of all the sick animals in the room, and the next day, they can become treasure hunters in the garden, embarking on thrilling adventures. This playful engagement aids in the development of TG's children's empathy and their ability to comprehend others' perspectives and emotions.

3. Gratitude: An Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is akin to sunshine for the soul, radiating warmth and cultivating positivity. When we teach children gratitude, it not only brings them joy and happiness, but also nurtures their ability to appreciate the small wonders of life. With that in mind, how does TG's sow the seeds of gratitude in children?

a) Gratitude Journal: Very young children can express their gratitude by drawing or sharing verbally the things they are thankful for. You can try this activity with your family, friends, and children. Encourage them to think of three things they are grateful for. By emphasising the positive aspects, they will cultivate an attitude of gratitude. TG's Educators understand the importance of active listening and are always ready to engage in conversations with children about their sources of happiness and well-being. Why not have a go right now? Think of three things you are grateful for today. Share it with us here!

b) Thank You Notes: At TG's, the children are familiar with the concept of a Gift Tree. It is a place where they can leave notes expressing their appreciation for the Educators. These notes are highly valued, and the Educators find them heartwarming to receive and read.

You can also create your own Gift Tree at home! Encourage your child to draw pictures and write thank-you notes, or they can pick a flower to show their appreciation to family, friends, teachers, or even someone in the community whose service they appreciate, such as the local grocer, fireman, nurse, etc. This simple act of gratitude helps teach children the importance of recognising and acknowledging kindness. Who would you write a thank you note to today?

As Educators, parents, and caregivers, we have the honour and duty to provide our children with the necessary life skills to navigate the world with grace and resilience.

By incorporating mindfulness, empathy, and gratitude into their daily lives, we not only support their emotional well-being but also guide them towards becoming compassionate, grateful individuals, and empathetic future leaders of our world.

The next time you go for a nature walk, why not try practicing a Little MEG?

TG's Urangan offers fortnightly beach and bush kindys that both children and educators eagerly anticipate. These regular beach and bush kindys provide numerous opportunities for children to experience mindfulness by smelling the fresh grass or noticing the ticklish feeling of water lapping on their feet. They also encourage empathy towards a sick turtle they may encounter on the beach and gratitude for the beauty of nature and the companionship of their friends and educators.

TG's is embarking on a wonderful adventure with families, guiding little heroes towards a life of mindfulness, empathy, and gratitude. It's a journey filled with the joy of learning and empowering our little heroes to make a positive impact in the world. Let's encourage them to shine brightly and make a difference!

Are you ready to be a superhero and use your new Little MEG superpowers?

TG's is full of superheroes!

TG's Educators are superheroes too and they are always ready to go above and beyond for the children and their families. The community certainly agrees as TG's Child Care won three awards at this year's Wauchope & Hinterland Business Awards.

Join the amazing team of TG's Educators! Apply here:


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