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Mindful Leadership

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

✦ Another name for it could be ‘Conscious Leadership’ or ‘Empowered Leadership’. And it starts with Oneself!

Mindful leadership is about being compassionately self-aware of Oneself, so as to lead from an empowered place, and to be better equipped to empower and inspire others. It is about consciously choosing to be in the present moment.

Mindful leadership, conscious leadership, empowered leadership is about being compassionately self aware | Bernie Ginnane | Brilliant-Online

Your power moment

And from this present power moment, the mindful leader can choose to switch off the ‘busy mind’, and to respond to the current situation at hand with calm, confidence and clarity, rather than just reacting from stressful thoughts or feelings of overwhelm.

Whether in person or online, mindful leadership involves choosing to be self-aware and present, as you interact with the workplace, your colleagues, team and associates.

A mindful leader encourages, motivates and inspires others to come from a calmer and more focused place, a place where the team feel more comfortable and confident to raise issues or make suggestions.

Those in the team of a Mindful Leader often tend to show up more and give more of their best because they feel respected, heard, and accepted for their individual contribution. The team of a mindful leader have their strengths and efforts seen, heard and acknowledged.

There is no place for bullying or motivating others through fear or intimidation.

How to be a mindful leader?

Stay present and be mindful of your thoughts, words, gestures and actions.

Work on your own self-mastery. Know yourself. Know your triggers. So that you can come from a place of power. A place where you choose to respond rather than react.

Be present.

The present moment is your place of power.

It is the place where you lead from.

Make it a calm and confident present moment.

Start each day in a mindful way.

Even just two minutes before starting work!

Pause and focus on your breathing. Focus on your present moment – feeling grounded, stable, calm and confident.

Choose to have a Positive Attitude. Find the positive!

Bring mindfulness to every meeting.

Purposefully be Present for the first two or three minutes of each meeting. Look around the room (in-person or virtual) and see each person. Be Mindful of your breathing, your thoughts and your body language. Choose to rise above and see the bigger picture. The mindful leader has power in the room. Not necessarily are they the loudest voice but being in the present moment helps them be fully present in the situation at hand, to observe, and not get caught up in their own internal dialogue, triggers, reactions, judgements, gossip, competitiveness, pettiness or the personal dynamics between others. Be respectful and open to diversity. Don’t judge. Observe. Foster cohesiveness, safety and loyalty within the team. Be open to change.

Asks questions to see new angles and possibilities, makes space for the perspectives of each person on the team.

Get to know your team.

Be aware of the employees’ strengths and weaknesses and the team dynamics, so that the leader can have more of an honest platform to work with.

Allow others to learn from mistakes.

Acknowledge employee achievements. Give credit where credit is due. Motivate employees. Create a momentum of motivation!

Inspire others to be their best and do their best.

Show care and consideration to the team.

Your team matters!

Mindful Leaders need help sometimes. Contact:

Contact Bernie to identify blockages that prevent you from becoming a Mindful Leader | Bernie Ginnane | Brilliant-Online

Bernie Ginnane Qualified Counsellor, Qualified Spiritual Life Coach & Stress Management Life Coach, Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator, Intuitive Guide.

Bernie offers one-on-one sessions, couple’s sessions and group sessions in her local area, as well as sessions via Zoom, both within Australia and internationally.

m/ +61 491 015 566


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