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TG's Child Care takes ESG above and beyond

Updated: Apr 10

✦ When it comes to ESG, TG's Child Care is an early adopter to have ESG embedded in their curriculum and all that they do.

TG's Child Care is regarded as the stewardship of the children's future, and it's a title they take seriously and are very committed to.

Environment Social Governance (ESG) is incorporated into how TG’s implements Playing is Learning for Life and part of their business DNA. It takes TG's a big step further to be trusted by families and the communities as the stewardship of the children's future.

TG's trusty little gardeners - tending to our lovely vegetable garden while nurturing responsibility, appreciation, care, love, kindness and teamwork!

TG's Child Care's emphasis on ESG helps to boost their business strategy. TG's has a long term vision to continue with their lifelong mission of making Playing is Learning for Life not just sustainable but also relevant to the ever-changing modern world. It means giving children the skills and tools they need for sustainable learning. It's about going beyond Big School and continuing Playing It Forward even after they leave TG’s.

1. Environment - Respect for our planet

Sustainability runs through all of TG’s. From the choice of natural material in their playspaces, to growing their own vegetables and fruit, children at TG's experience sustainability first-hand and every day. TG's meals are also highly recognised by "Munch and Move" and "Good for Kids" and their menu is seasonal, respecting the cycles of nature.

Children learn about nature and protecting the environment they live in. This eco-intelligence is part of TG's ESG strategy. Children learn to plant seeds, care for them, observe little bugs that make their homes in the gardens, harvest the vegetables and fruits and finally see them on their dining table. It's about empowering children with age-appropriate responsibility, building confidence and appreciation for the food they receive.

Beach and Bush Kindys are embedded in their Early Years Learning Framework and Curriculum as part of the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). This broadens their inclusivity for indigenous culture, wisdom and respect for the environment.

TG's natural play spaces and specially designed outdoor spaces have won awards and are recognised Australia-wide! This is where children Build Relationships, Understand their Gifts and encourage Collective Thinking.

Learning about nature, getting curious about it and most importantly, respecting and caring for it!

2. Social - Connection and Community are key

TG’s 3 Foundation Stones of Building Relationships, Understanding our Gifts and Encouraging Collective Thinking make up the TG’s Way that becomes a natural way of living to support the children on their unique learning journeys to become valuable and reliable members of their community.

TG's CONNECTION and COMMUNITY initiatives consciously support families, businesses and communities to achieve economic sustainability.

Whether it´s enjoying a day of sunshine, dancing, jumping or even painting our feet, Playing is Learning for Life is a lot more FUN when we do it together!

We don't want to leave!

What is heartwarming is that TG’s children grow up, leave TG’s and return to TG’s! Some return as Educators, or as did Darcy Carny of Timbertown IGA who returned with an amazing gift of a 10kg gigantic bar of chocolate! Even TG’s parents return as Educators when their children have graduated! Clearly everyone loves being at TG's, and TG's magic is felt by everyone who has experienced Playing is Learning for Life there.

TG’s is always welcomed and well-loved in every new community. When TG's Urangan was being set up, they had the services of the local tradespeople who were more than delighted to be a part of making TG's happen. Relationships and friendships were quickly made and children in the community could see for themselves how local tradespeople were hard at work and contributed to getting TG's ready for them!

Love Local!

It is part of TG’s Social strategy to employ local tradesmen, and source local products to maintain their services, provide resources and produce. TG's also invites families who have businesses within the community and professionals from their communities such as the firemen and policemen and local nursery owners to share with the children about their jobs.

Any chance to have fun!

TG’s participates actively at local festivals e.g. Wauchope's Lasiandra Festival. Everyone is involved and these celebrations are incorporated into TG’s curriculum and learning. Whenever there's a chance to have fun and play, you can be sure TG's will be there! And it's not just the children - TG's Educators are well-known for being Play Experts who are Simply Fun. They know when to let their hair down and let the child in them come out and play too! That is why they understand children so well, and are skilled at making a child's world come alive.

Empathy and compassion

TG's shares age-appropriate information about what is happening in their communities with the children.

During the time of drought, the children had a Dress Like a Farmer week to raise funds for the farmers. When there were bushfires, the children put together baskets of snacks and bottled water for the Rural Fire Service. It helps the children to appreciate their communities, learn compassion and empathy and build confidence. Children too, can make a difference. This is how TG’s learning expands way beyond their playspaces.

TG’s also sponsors and supports Wauchope Thunder Football Club, and the Lemonade Crew in their fight against Motor Neurone Disease for Matt.

Indigenous wisdom

As part of their Reconciliation Action Plan, TG’s invited educators from Pathfinders to share with the children about aboriginal culture, music, food, art and stories. They even had Jamie Donovan, a local indigenous artist design their indigenous staff uniform and paint beautiful aboriginal murals and story at TG´s Hastings Street.

When the children go on their fortnightly Beach and Bushy Kindys, it's way beyond a simple excursion or day out. It's about engaging the children in indigenous wisdom, learning about the past and building an inclusive future.

TG's Child Care Urangan has fortnightly beach and bush kindys where nature and indigenous wisdom and culture become our playspace and learning space. Let´s go on a FUN adventure!

Balancing technology

We are in an age where it's impossible to ignore technology. TG's has fully embraced it with wisdom, balancing the advantages of what technology can do with face-to-face communications so that engagement with families is effective, clear and reliable. During the pandemic they fully utilised Zoom for example to maintain close contact with families, and since then they have also taken on the Xplor app which is a contactless sign-in system that also allows families to connect with their children’s daily activities, wellbeing, health information, calendars, and fee payments. TG's Educators are also always on hand to speak to families about their children's day. Families feel safe knowing that these Educators care for their children as if they were their own. After all, there's good reason why TG's is seen as a home away from home!

During the pandemic, creative care packages were prepared for the children and families to stay connected to Playing is Learning for Life. Families have the assurance that TG’s is always there for them, providing a sense of stability and comfort during uncertain times. TG's even introduced short term child care to support families who are in frontline emergency services.

Families trust TG’s as a part of their lives and TG's is the children’s extended family. Even in times of crises, TG's has shown up and stayed as an important and integral support network for the children and families and community.

3. Governance - Business sustainability

Governance with wisdom ensures business sustainability for TG's. TG's is well-known for its quality of service. Their implementation of robust Work Health Safety (WHS) and operations readiness policies continue to ensure TG's brings the best quality services to their communities.

TG's has a strong emphasis on mental health and wellbeing. For the Educators, they offer above award wages, extra bonuses and incentives, mental health/wellbeing payments and leave. TG's also provides incentives and spotters' fees to those who bring in new successful Educator employees to the team. Educators are encouraged to stay with TG’s as long term employees. There are regular staff training on wellbeing and mindfulness, and TG's leadership teams are always on hand to listen and guide the Educators.

For the children, Healthy Harold the friendly giraffe visited TG’s to teach the children about safety, managing feelings and wellbeing tools. Rooms have designated calm and reflective play spaces designed specifically for individuals or small groups to take time to self-regulate and relax and develop mindfulness techniques and skills that will support them for life.

Educators are ensured highly sustainable career pathways and TG’s provides every opportunity to help them shine as team players and team leaders so they paddle the canoe together to provide the best quality care for the children. Work life balance takes on a whole new meaning at TG's - Educators are given support to balance their career, studies and family life.

Educators that return and stay

What makes TG's stand out is not just the quality of services provided to children and families. It's also how they care for their Educators that make the difference.

TG's is inclusive in their practices, supporting and catering to the needs of different Educators. With their youngest trainees, they are taken under the wings of their Team Leaders who mentor them and guide them to finding their place in the Early Childhood Education profession. Meg Barnden-Hyde is famously known as the Mother Hen of TG's, and she has taken many Educators under her wings and helped them grow to their fullest potential.

TG's Educators exemplify why TG's is known as one's extended family. TG's is more than a place of work. It is where they love to be, every day, and TG's has long term staff who have been there for a long time. Other than Meg Barnden-Hyde (who was herself first a parent at TG's and she loved it so much she joined them as an Educator and worked her way up to where she is now as Manager of all 6 of TG's campuses), Linda Hutchinson, Centre Manager at TG's High Street campus was at TG's very first Wauchope centre back in 1999!

Taking work life balance beyond

To make their working life easier and supported, Educators who have young children can place them in TG’s service, allowing them to work with peace of mind, having not just their children close, but in a high quality care service. Those studying to further their career are given a flexible schedule so they can have a balance between work and studies.

TG's flexible working schedules allow for family commitments and Educators can maintain or increase income based on individual circumstances. There is a long term vision for Educators, giving them a healthy work-life balance, providing a 4-day roster instead of 5.

Inclusivity and diversity

TG's is proud to say they have 4 male Educators with them currently and they are a valuable part of the TG’s Family, sharing their unique gifts with their team, the children and the families. Some are fathers themselves, and they bring the TG's Way into their homes too!

One of TG's Educators requires the use of a wheelchair, and TG's has put in place measures to ensure her needs are met. For example, TG's installed new digital access gates at her service to allow her to be independent and have direct access to the centre.

Upskilling and development

TG's Educators are empowered to take on new training, skill development and roles as they grow their knowledge and experience. Those who started at TG's as trainees, or who were holding their Cert 3 have been supported to go on and complete their Diploma, or Early Childhood Teacher degree through University. TG’s believes in upskilling and providing Educators a career path that can take them through to become Team Leaders, Educational Leaders and Centre Managers. As TG's grows and expands across multiple states, management positions have now been created also for Area, State and General Manager roles.

Three of their Centre Managers began at TG's as new trainees in the industry. They worked their way up the ladder to where they are now. This is a huge achievement and they have become a valued and amazing part of TG's ongoing growth in leadership and management.

Showing care and appreciation

We all go further and beyond when we are appreciated and valued for what we do. During the pandemic, TG's made changes within the company structure to support Educators. This included appreciation posts and acknowledgements to employing extra and additional staff to support Educators in each of the rooms.

TG's also provided one-on-one mentoring, and Educators have access to regular mental check-ins and support. TG's has a Mentally Healthy Workplaces Toolkit with guidance and practical resources to facilitate a mentally healthy workplace.

New management team members are mentored, guided and supported through the transition to a leadership role to avoid burnout, encourage accountability and develop a leadership team that is passionate, respected and loved.

By fully respecting and trusting Educators, everyone is motivated to show initiative, be open, ask questions, give and receive feedback. It creates a safe, loving, nurturing environment.

TG's Educators are just as serious about working as they are about playing!

TG's Big Business Decision that is Simply Brilliant

TG's has been walking the talk with all that they do to implement ESG through their service. And having had TG's in our communities for so long, we know they always go above and beyond and are always striving to bring the best quality services. But last year, TG's surpassed even themselves.

Owners Trevor and Gayle Kee made a big business decision. After several years of constant challenge and exhausting conditions for many of TG's staff, Trevor and Gayle decided to close the centre for one week, and give all their teams a paid week off over Christmas.

That is an absolute first, and you can imagine how much the staff appreciated this gesture. Families were incredibly supportive of this move, and they were glad the Educators could take some more than well-deserved time off. It's not just the generosity of the decision, but the acknowledgement of all the Educators have done and contributed. TG's is where Educators truly feel seen and heard.


TG's Child Care locations and contact details (below)

Urangan QLD

61 Miller St, Urangan, QLD 4655

Armidale NSW

11 Samuelson Crescent, Armidale NSW 2350

Uralla NSW

23B John St, Uralla NSW 2358

Wauchope - Hastings St NSW

33B Hastings St, Wauchope NSW 2446

Wauchope - High St NSW

223A High St, Wauchope NSW 2446

Wauchope - Riverbreeze NSW

3 Riverbreeze Drive, Wauchope NSW 2446


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