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Meet the amazing women leaders at TG's Child Care

Updated: Apr 10

✦ Leadership is about growing together, using TG’s foundation stones of building relationships, understanding our gifts and encouraging collective thinking.

TG's Foundation Stones are practised at work, within the communities and even at home. It has become a way of life where Love, Trust, Respect, Compassion and FUN shine through TG's Educators, Children and their Families. This is Playing It Forward and TG's Educators have the responsibility of leading the children towards a bright future.

A child's learning journey is where Playing is Learning for Life. And the same applies to the Educators too. They also grow when given the same nurturing conditions as the children.

Belonging to a team that cares

"We spend the majority of our week at work, so it is important that we all feel trust and love while having fun playing! Trust can only happen when there is respect and team work. My goal is to create an environment that is like a second home to our children, families and Educators", said Linda Hutchison, Centre Manager for TG's at High St, Wauchope.

She further explained, "During my time in a leadership role at TG's Child Care I have learnt that leadership is about collaboration and inspiring others to do their best. That there are two ways to listen. There is hearing the spoken words, and there is active listening which shows my team that I actually care."

Nikala (Nik) Frost, Centre Manager for TG's Armidale can't agree more. "I thrive on providing a positive, fun and supportive environment here at TG’s Armidale for my educators. To be able to excel in any job, you need to feel trusted and respected. I love that I have been given the opportunity to continue to share my positive leadership skills with my team and continue to grow their knowledge and their leadership skills. Every day has its challenges, by having such a strong and supportive team, like I have, really helps to overcome these challenges as a team. We lean on each other and really come together as a whole team when it is needed, with everyone giving the right amount of support."

For Toni-Lee Paine, Centre Manager for TG's at Hastings St, Wauchope, "TG's is a place where the children and families feel a sense of belonging, where they feel safe and have the opportunity to grow and reach their fullest potential. My goal for the centre is for it to be an environment full of Love, Trust, Respect, Compassion and FUN!" Check out TG's Child Care at Hastings St, Wauchope

"The management structure at TG’s promotes positive, supportive relationships with everyone paddling the canoe together. That's how team work happens. The goals that I have for my centre at Riverbreeze is to create an inclusive, supportive environment for Educators, families and the extended community. I want to build a cohesive team that advocates for all children, living by TG’s core values of love, trust, respect, compassion and fun. I live and breathe the TG’s Way every day, building relationships with the Educators, children and families, playing and learning for life.", said Faye O'Neill, Centre Manager for TG's at Riverbreeze, Wauchope.

Why should anyone join TG’s as an Educator or ECT?

Toni-Lee knows well why she has made the best decision ever in joining TG's, but she thought she'd get right to the heart of TG's and ask her team of Educators at TG's Hastings Street why they love working for TG's!

“We support one another.” “We work together as a team.” “We feel respected as Educators.” “We come to work and have fun!” “We get to play a part in the development of the children, watching them grow and learn new skills. It is rewarding to know that we have contributed to the development of each child.”

And we think their answers speak for themselves!

Gracie Reeves, Centre Manager at TG's Urangan, QLD adds that Educators are acknowledged and recognised for all their continuous hard work and dedication. TG’s provides amazing support in all areas and are always looking for ways to help Educators improve their skills and knowledge.

At TG's, anything is possible if you want it enough. You can start as a trainee and if being a centre manager is in your career plans, you'll get the support and training to do that.

Maddison Masters, Centre Manager at TG's Uralla says it’s all about the perspective that you see situations in. It’s not about the obstacles in the way it’s about how you respond to them and view them. It’s about focusing on what you can do to move forward and the opportunities you can create and the ones that are in your circle. It’s your perspective that builds you up or tears you down.

Women leaders who help others to shine just as brilliantly

At TG's, there isn't just one 'leader'. Leadership is for everyone and all the Educators are encouraged to grow with TG's. Educators support and motivate each other. They paddle the canoe together and have got each other's backs.

Those who are highly experienced in leadership are firmly dedicated and committed to lifting others up.

Meg Barnden-Hyde

Meg Barnden-Hyde is the Mother Hen who is leading by example, and her win last year for Outstanding Business Leader is a deserving recognition of an amazing leader. She is, in turn, nurturing her team to boost their skills a step further, take on responsibilities and develop their career in Early Childhood Education.

Passionate about mentoring

As manager, Meg does a lot of mentoring, supporting and guiding and it's something she's passionate about. It's a special gift to be able to witness how her team members are growing and developing into beautiful Educators. What is most rewarding for her is to see a shift in their mindset and see them develop a sense of pride in what they are contributing to the children's learning journeys. Every one of them is making an impact on the children and their future.

Nik appreciates her mentors. "I was lucky enough to have amazing mentors. The owner of TG’s Child Care; Gayle, NSW Manager and Meg. Both have taught me life long skills, which I am now sharing and guiding with more of our TG’s educators here in TG’s Armidale.

My goal for 2023, is to continue building my team up and providing them with the right amount of training and guidance to further their leadership skills. Anyone has the potential to be a leader. It takes a time and a great mentor to make this happen."

TG's family values

TG’s is a family with values of love, trust, respect, compassion and fun. Here, Educators can ask questions, receive feedback and be appreciated for being themselves and the amazing gifts they bring to TG’s.

TG's Way at work and at home

Meg brings the values and foundations of TG’s in all areas of her life, at work and at home. It aligns with her own personal values and beliefs. The TG’s way is a tool kit tool she can use in any situation at any time.

Gayle Kee

Meg herself would be more than quick to point to Gayle Kee, owner of TG's Child Care as the defining person who lifted her up when she was growing through her journey as a TG's Educator. Gayle is not just the one who conceptualised and grew TG's to what it is today (we're talking about going from a 2 person team to one of over 160 now). She is also first and foremost, someone who truly cares about what she does and is convinced the TG's Way is what families in our communities need to keep Playing it Forward into the future. Those who know Gayle will attest to her passion and drive.

Educators need love and care too

Whether it is children or Educators, Gayle knows we all share the same basic needs - to be encouraged, nurtured and respected, be given the time and space to learn and grow, to be supported, guided and mentored and to feel loved. We all need a sense of belonging and connection and that we are valued and trusted as team players.

Collective thinking is key

Gayle is the first one to admit that she doesn't always know the answers to everything. She supports and encourages her team to develop their gifts and superpowers, talents and skills. It is through collective thinking that they can come up with the most incredibly creative solutions and

outcomes together.

A safe space to be honest

TG's Child Care has a culture of creative thinking and growth mind-sets where everyone is open to learning, growth, development and continued improvement through the use of Edward

DeBono’s – 6 Hat thinking styles and framework for including all perspectives and parallel thinking. Gayle isn't afraid to have difficult or challenging conversations about things that need to be addressed. TG's is a safe space where Educators are encouraged to ask the right questions and

have brave, daring, open, honest and constructive conversations. This is how TG's builds quality teams.

Empowering leaders of the future

Educators are empowered to take on new challenges and leadership roles. Every one of them is a leader of the future. That is why Gayle nurtures an environment of safety, courage and support at TG's. She loves her teams, values them, encourages and validates contribution and praise and appreciates them daily. They each make a significant difference in the lives of young children, families and their communities every single day.

When a child is nurtured in an environment like TG's, where leaders grow leaders through the generations with love, care and respect, one cannot be surprised that they are well-prepared to be future leaders to create a better environment and society for tomorrow. TG's is the stewardship of the children's future, thanks to the amazing women leaders who are there day after day, sharing their gifts and making a difference.

Happy International Women's Day to TG's brilliant women leaders!


TG's Child Care locations and contact details (below)

Urangan QLD

61 Miller St, Urangan, QLD 4655

Armidale NSW

11 Samuelson Crescent, Armidale NSW 2350

Uralla NSW

23B John St, Uralla NSW 2358

Wauchope - Hastings St NSW

33B Hastings St, Wauchope NSW 2446

Wauchope - High St NSW

223A High St, Wauchope NSW 2446

Wauchope - Riverbreeze NSW

3 Riverbreeze Drive, Wauchope NSW 2446


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