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The Small Business Issue

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

✦ Brilliant March 2022

Ben Tirebuck, Editor, Brilliant-Online

A very warm welcome to the March edition of Brilliant-online.

Coinciding with International Women’s Day (IWD), this month we are celebrating the numerous fantastic women that surround, support and inspire us all everyday, at home, at work, and in wider society.

Whereas definitely showing signs of positive progress in recent years, the battle for gender equality and balance in all walks of life is still very much uneven. That’s why initiatives like IWD are so important to champion, likewise, shining a light on a selection of successful women locally and globally.

The Small Business Issue, March 2022

We catch up with Liz Jarvis who has adopted an innovative approach to making your business truly purr, and get to know Gayle Kee a little better, the lady behind the brilliantly successful TG’s Child Care centres.

Dr Namira Williams, CEO of disAbility Maternity Care, shares some of the fantastic work she is doing and we get the lowdown on The Village Preschool & Long Day Care in Wauchope from Amy Trotter.

We hear about the phenomenal achievements of record-breaking Zara Rutherford who recently flew solo around the world and get to learn about some of the inspiring charity work Chantal Fernandes is doing in Phuket.

There’s so much more to keep you engaged this month and we very much hope you enjoy all the stories and features that we so very much enjoy bringing to you for your reading pleasure.

Until next time!

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