The True Value of Venture Minerals Limited (ASX:VMS)

Updated: Apr 13

✦ Confidence is rising for Venture Minerals, with a portfolio packed with prospectives and a robust Green Tin story evolving.

Andrew Radonjic, Managing Director returns with Noel Ong, CEO of Samso for another Coffee With Samso about VMS' developments.

One could perhaps say that Venture Minerals Limited has a bit of an identity crisis.

And a very good one at that. They have an impressive portfolio of highly prospective exploration projects, so that makes them seen as a mineral explorer. However, they also have a world class tin mining project. Which makes them also worthy of being seen as a tin producer. Either way, if we focus on just one, it makes them either an Undervalued Mineral Explorer or an Undervalued Tin Producer.

It's not every day that a company can enjoy this status of having the best of both worlds.

For shareholders and investors alike, it would be well worth putting in the effort to do a bit of homework, what Noel affectionately calls DYOR (Do Your Own Research). Venture Minerals is one company to put on one's watch screen.

Andrew Radonjic, the Managing Director, shares his thoughts on how 2022 is set to pan out. Based on how the company was doing late last year, there is confidence growing among the shareholders, and the coming months may well bring happy news as well.

Mr. Radonjic and Noel discuss recent developments and the prospectivity of the VMS' projects such as Mount Lindsay, Thor (Julimar look-alike), Kulin, Golden Grove North and Riley.

One important thing to note is the Green Metal and No Emission movement. It is only getting stronger every day which means investors have their eyes open wide on the plight of the Tin Story. With Venture Minerals' Tin story going strong, this is looking like the planets are aligning themselves perfectly on Venture Minerals' timeline of projects and discoveries.

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00:20 Introduction

08:35 The reason we cannot go past the Tin Prize at Mount Lindsay.

15:03 Mount Lindsay has more than Tin and Tungsten.

16:53 The update on Thor.

20:36 Kulin

26:12 Golden Grove North

30:08 Riley

35:55 Reason why the game in town is Mount Lindsay.

39:12 Conclusion