Emu NL (ASX: EMU) has an Underrated Story with Strategic Exploration Projects

Updated: Apr 13

Emu NL (ASX:EMU) has a story about an early stage but highly prospective project.

Noel Ong, CEO of Samso is with Doug Grewar, CEO of Emu NL (ASX:EMU) to unravel the company's true value.

If the name of the company does not jump out at you immediately, it's because for some time it has been flying under the radar screen of many investors. And it still is. Perhaps it is high time investors put this company on their To Do list of DYOR companies.

Noel has always advocated for investors to Do Your Own Research.

Especially since investors are always on the look out for companies that are undervalued. If Emu NL's management stays true to their intentions, this company could well fit the bill.

Emu NL's story is not unlike that of Venture Minerals Limited when they first started. Check out Noel's very first conversation with Venture Minerals. Both companies share the similarity of being diversified mineral explorers that have projects with true prospectivity.

What is really key in mineral exploration are these two components - a good technical story and a management that is in tune with the story of discovery

Interested punters, get your research hats on. This may well be a good time to do some digging on Emu NL.

Mr. Grewar has great insights to share in this chat with Noel. With this being at the high end of risks in a mineral explorer, Noel thinks this is worth a look. Also, the projects are in new frontier land and it will not take a lot to give it value.

This would remind old-timers in the industry of the classic game of high risks, high returns.

Tune in to what Mr. Grewar has to say, and make some exciting discoveries about a relatively unknown and undervalued mineral explorer.


00:00 Start

00:20 Introduction

01:11 The history of Emu NL.

02:57 The Badja story, gold, tungsten and base-metals.

06:31 Tungsten and what it may mean for Emu.

08:25 More refined Geophysics in the future?

09:38 Sunfire and the Julimar-style potential.

12:54 The Sunfire potential confirms Emu's excitement.

14:15 The plate margin story.

15:21 Viper and its potential.

17:04 Graceland Project - Wheatbelt story.

20:27 8 Mile Dam Project - Nickel Sulphide Story.

22:11 How are the money people taking the Emu Story?

23:58 Market sentiment and Cash position for Emu.

25:38 The long game of mineral exploration is the only game in town.

25:50 Going back to the Badja project - the Base Metal potential.

27:50 Tungsten grades are worth noting.

28:57 News flow in the next 12 months.

30:01 Review of the projects.

31:40 Conclusions