Cooper Metals Limited (ASX:CPM) Updates on Copper and Gold in Mt Isa

Updated: Apr 21

✦ The chase continues for copper and gold in this mineral exploration story.

Noel Ong, CEO of Samso catches up with Ian Warland, Managing Director of Cooper Metals Limited (ASX:CPM). Mr. Warland is an exploration geologist with more than three decades of experience.

Noel is one to walk the talk, and as often as he advocates investors to DYOR, he himself also buries himself deep in research when he is excited about something.

And that is the case for the story of Cooper Metals. Noel is very keen on this project and is doing an in-depth DYOR. It is not every day that he finds something so different with potential still in the ground. This is really just the beginning, and the latest geophysical surveys are indicating some reasonable target.

"Copper is where you see it on the surface", says Ian Warland.

Noel's first conversation with Cooper Metals was in December 2021. Much has happened since then.

Here are just some of the updates.

1) The share price for the company has risen substantially as Carnaby Resources Limited (ASX: CNB) made a significant discovery nearby. The announcement on the 17th December 2021 had set the scene for similar discoveries in this region, and this is the scenario:

"The RC pre-collar to NLDD044 has intersected a 34m down hole zone of copper sulphide including a 24m zone of mostly semi massive copper sulphide containing 5-40% chalcopyrite based on visual estimates."

2) When the next announcement on the 29th December 2021 came out with the assays, it was a race for the young and old.

The title read:


41m @ 4.1% copper, 0.5 g/t gold from 247m

Incl. 24m @ 6.5% copper, 0.7g/t gold from 251m

Incl. 9m @ 10.3% copper, 1.2g/t gold from 264m

3) Basically, the Mt. Isa East project is now in play and Ian and his team are edging to get out there and prove that they too have similar potential. The company has a market capitalisation of $20M and it is just near discovery.

If discovery happens for Cooper Metals, and the chances are looking pretty good, this will be north of $100M.

In addition, Carnaby has shown the world that there is more in the ground than people have thought of in the last few decades.

All the fruits may still be in the ground. More to be revealed. Stay tuned.

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