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Where do you hire costumes in Port Macquarie?

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

✦ Victoria's Model Agency & Costume Hire of course!

Established in 1983, Victoria’s Model Agency and Costume Hire is based in Port Macquarie, but has clients all over Australia.

Many opportunities over the years, providing fantastic models for TV commercials and promotional work, has enabled owner Vicki Carnes to grow her business, all the while having fun!

Costume Hire - All Sizes, All Eras, All Themes

Victoria’s Costume Hire, has seen fantastic interest which has seen the business grow to be the largest costume hire business on the Mid North Coast.

Lord Howe Island, Tamworth, Armidale, up and down the coast from Port Macquarie - customers come from far afield. Many come in groups and make a fun day of it.

Costumes are available for all ages and in all sizes, and Vicki stresses all sizes. “A lot of people that have attempted to buy a costume online have told me that they really don’t get what they want. I get a lot of phone calls telling me their stories - I ordered online, it didn’t arrive, it didn't fit, it wasn't what I expected. They need help, and I help them.”

Vicki doesn’t buy her costumes online, she only deals with very reputable companies. All are beautifully made, and she hires them, she doesn’t sell her costumes.

The costumes come complete with all their accessories. When you go to Victoria’s Costume Hire you get the complete costume, accessories, everything you need. The whole process will probably take half an hour out of your life. Very quick and you will leave feeling beautiful and confident with a costume that fits.

Even if Vicki doesn’t have the costume you are looking for, she can sew and can therefore adjust or make things, tailoring costumes for the individual. "Not everybody is a straight size," she says. "So I might take a costume and do some adjustments, or we might pull bits and pieces to get what people need.”

That’s why she always says costumes of all sizes, all eras and all themes. So, depending on your theme, Victoria’s Costume Hire has got you sorted.

Whether you have an upcoming fancy dress party or your child just landed a role in the school’s exciting new play and you have been given responsibility for organising costumes, Vicki is the go to for the perfect costume.

What’s on Offer at the Model Agency?

Modelling work and self improvement courses!

Vicki wants talent to come knocking on her door and want the work! “To just stumble across natural modelling talent is hard,“ she says. “Not many people are comfortable in front of a camera.“

People of all ages, children, teenagers and upwards to mature age. As we speak Vicki told us that she has been casting talent for a commercial and the client wanted models over 60 years of age.

The increased want and need for mature age models has seen Victoria’s Model Agency being involved in lots of promotions for retirement villages and resorts, restaurants and accommodation of late.

Training to Increase the Talent’s Talent

Vicki told us that she has been offering modelling courses since the get go, so she has an abundance of experience she is only too willing to share. “I offer on the spot training for people who are not quite sure what to do, and I also run 2 day courses,” she says.

Vicki is old school, offering modelling and deportment courses, these days commonly known as self improvement courses.

Catering to people wanting to look and present their best for formal occasions to those wanting to impress at their next job interview, the scope of the modelling agency is impressive. You never know where life takes you, some course participants have completed their training with Vicki and remain working with the agency in commercials and client promotions.

Victoria’s Model Agency is for those who'd like to walk and talk with confidence and feel that they stand out in a crowd. It’s for those who want to build their confidence and boost their self esteem from Vicki’s knowledge about the principles of good grooming and stylish deportment.

Contact Vicki Carnes

Victoria's Model Agency & Costume Hire

(02) 6583 2915


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