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Beautiful Transitions at TG's Child Care

Updated: Apr 10

✦ Transitions are a natural (and joyful) part of life at TG's Child Care, and there is so much to celebrate in each child's transition journey.

Remember what it was like when you moved out of your parents' home and went off to another city to study or work? That's a huge transition and needs to be managed well to prevent stress, anxiety and overwhelm. For you and your parents!

Taking baby steps at TG's with joy, laughter and some help from good friends!

In the eyes of a child, transitioning from a home they are so familiar with to a new education and care service is a big deal. And the same goes when they transition rooms in the new year. It is a milestone not just for the child but for the families as well. Both sides can experience anxiety as they move on to this next stage of life. A child may struggle with experiencing so many new things all at once - new people, new places, new routines. Families feel the pain of having their child away from them. They worry about the child's ability to cope and adjust. They wonder if their child will make new friends easily and be happy.

And that's where TG's Magic comes into play!

Transitioning Together

TG's Child Care's magic lies in how they are very much attuned to these feelings of both children and families and are experienced in helping make transitions not just stress and worry-free, but one to be anticipated with joy and embraced with pride. TG's Family is precisely that - they are an extension of each child's family, and families know they can rely on TG's to create a safe, loving environment where their children feel like they've never left home.

TG's children are busy every day, being a trusty gardener, discovering their gifts, and learning to listen and find their voice!

One of TG's foundation stones is Building Relationships, and they are known for forming strong partnerships with Educators, families and even their communities. There is an understanding that everyone is coming together as one to support the children's learning journeys and transitions through the years.

It is a natural collaborative base of interactions where You, Me and Us Together conversations take place daily. Educators value the participation and input of the families and they are very much involved in their children's learning journeys at TG's. Families in return see TG's Educators as another loving adult who is standing shoulder to shoulder with them in supporting their children and celebrating their milestones.

"TG’s is on the same page as our families with regards to how we see their children's future. Choosing and trusting a preschool for one’s child is not an easy task... Every TG’s Educator is a leader and a mentor and they are trusted to lead the development and implementation of an effective educational programme in the service... Educators know they have the support of families and communities to constantly enhance learning outcomes for children. The sharing of our gifts collectively is how TG’s has built trusting, respectful and loving relationships across their centres and communities." - Gayle Kee, Owner TG's Child Care

Transition Needs

Transition times for children could be stressful and can affect a child's ability to learn and develop to their fullest potential. That is why it's so important for close, loving and supportive relationships all around so everyone can understand the needs of everyone and how to best support each other.

"Through partnership with families, early childhood educators ensure that children have an active role in preparing for transitions." - Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) p.16

Whether it is the child, families or Educators, everyone is paddling the same boat and we can all make transitions smooth, stress-free and even fun when we take an active role in preparing for transitions.

What children need:

Surprises are not everyone's cup of tea, and not the most calming thing to have in transitions. Children need to know what to expect. This helps them to be better prepared for change mentally. If as adults we find uncertainty destabilising, imagine how a child would face the unknown. Whether it's starting in a new care service or moving up to another year, families and TG's Educators can keep an open, safe and loving space for children to voice their thoughts.

For successful transitions, bear in mind what children need:

  • warm and responsive interactions

  • build trusting relationships

  • support to feel secure, confident and included

  • families and Educators to collaborate in a healthy partnership, sharing relevant information and clarifying responsibilities

  • gentle transitions with enough time to adapt

  • be told what is coming next

  • ample time so children know their current activity is going to stop gradually

  • have a gentle reminder of what is expected

  • consistency in practices at home and at the care service to facilitate effective transitions

  • not to be overloaded with too many transitions

  • experience transitions together with their friends in the same way (no inconsistency)

  • keep transitions short and manageable without lengthy waiting times

  • clear verbal and/or visual cues

  • offer choices and stimulating experiences based on their interests, strengths and abilities

What families can do:

Families can take the child to visit the new care service before they start so they are familiar with the building. When TG's Urangan was being renovated, children passed by TG's and could witness for themselves how the building was reformed bit by bit into the colourful, joyful and fun playspace they were to later go to. They had the chance to see how the local tradespeople were involved in the refurbishing and it helped them to feel TG's was growing into a part of their community.

If children could also meet with their future, new Educators, it would help for them to later recognise these familiar faces. Talk to your children about what they'll be doing at TG's.

Families can also share relevant information with the Educators about the child's routine, cultural traditions or values, their likes and dislikes etc.

What TG's Educators do:

Children need to feel safe and secure with their Educators. TG's Educators are Simply Playful and under their warm wings is where children want to be. Children are eager to be involved in all the different activities and play experiences carefully designed and planned by the Educators to take each child to their fullest potential, taking into account their unique gifts, individual experiences and where they are on their learning journeys. TG's Educators make sure each child has a voice and is heard and their unique milestones big and small are all celebrated.

TG's Educators create a sense of belonging for each child and their families and make sure they feel safe and secure in their new environment. Transitions are carefully planned and blended into a meaningful part of the TG's curriculum. It creates a calm and gentle environment to promote learning. When done well, children do not even notice the transitions because they are not disruptive or destabilising. TG's children are actually skilled at transitioning through the activities along the day and they become the experts at knowing what's coming up next!

What families need:

Families need to feel at ease knowing their child is being supported through the transitions. Many mothers are also getting ready to return to work at the same time as the children are transitioning to a new care service. This generates guilt and worry about leaving their child in the hands of people they don't know. This was one of the driving forces when Gayle Kee started TG's Child Care - she understood the stress modern families went through and she wanted to provide a safe, loving environment that was like an extended family for children to learn, laugh and play in while their families were at work.

Families also need to know they can be involved in their children's learning journeys. It is many hours away from their children each day, and families really want to know how their children's day was.

What TG's Educators do:

TG's Educators value, respect and are always ready to support families in their roles as parents. A simple conversation before or after the service really helps families to feel involved and more in tune with their children's needs. Educators are eager to share what happened that day and each child's milestone, discovery, concern, joy etc. help to connect families with their children and the Educators.

Families gain insights also into what Educators do, and they very quickly see the benefits of working together to support better outcomes for their children. It's about working together to help their children to develop to their fullest potential. Healthy partnerships between Educators and families are key to ensuring smooth transitions for children.

James Mead, an Educator at TG's Uralla says, "Families have been kind and have genuinely taken an interest to asking how our day as Educators has been. It is a gift to have people acknowledging educators and being accepting."

The partnership between Educators and families goes both ways and the safe, loving environment at TG's really goes beyond the playspaces and permeates through to all relationships.

Playing it Forward...and beyond!

When the children and families get to Graduation Day at the end of the year, it's a very moving and beautiful celebration. Many children started at TG's when they were tiny tots and to see them gain so much independence and growth through the years is a joy that is shared by families and Educators.

You don't need to wait till university to feel the immense pride in a child's achievement. Here is where it starts. Every day a child transitions into a new, bigger, more amazing version of themselves, and every month families and Educators see the changes and the milestones achieved. Whether it's trying a new food, being able to manipulate a paintbrush on their own, or speaking up and asking for help, those are all worth celebrating.

"I promise not to cry." It's what families say about TG's Graduation Day. And they always end up having to grab a tissue in the end.

And no wonder, when you see your child grow beautifully in an environment of love, trust, respect, compassion and fun that you have chosen, where they have forged beautiful relationships with other children and the Educators and to see your child's bright smile standing proud, you have every right to express the joy and pride you feel.

Through all the transitions at TG's, each child leaves TG's, ready for Big School and ready to keep Playing it Forward beyond TG's.

What families appreciate about TG's

"All the staff at Riverbreeze have always gone above & beyond to make my twins and myself feel comfortable and at home here. I dropped in one day to ask a few questions regarding my girls eventually starting with one day of care, I walked out totally blown away with the professionalism and care taken with all the children. My little ones started care the following week and have loved it everyday since! Thank you to all!" - Rhianon Slade (TG's Riverbreeze)

TG's children nurture beautiful relationships with everyone in TG's playspaces indoors and outdoors!

"Sadly our daughter loves TG's so much she wants to live there forever. Apart from that we are beyond happy with the entire experience." - Kim Eccleston (TG's High St)

"To the team at TG’s you make going back to work stress free for our family. My daughter loves attending daycare, and I can relax to know that she is looked after throughout the day. Cannot recommend you guys enough, you all do such a great job." - Neoka Lee (TG's Uralla)

Just like this little friend from TG's Hastings Street, a child's learning journey is like that of Spiky the caterpillar. With a lot of love, care, respect and patience, Spiky is now a gorgeous butterfly, having developed to his fullest potential. If you visit TG's Hastings Street, remember to keep a look out for Spiky!


TG's Child Care locations and contact details (below)

Urangan QLD

61 Miller St, Urangan, QLD 4655

Armidale NSW

11 Samuelson Crescent, Armidale NSW 2350

Uralla NSW

23B John St, Uralla NSW 2358

Wauchope - Hastings St NSW

33B Hastings St, Wauchope NSW 2446

Wauchope - High St NSW

223A High St, Wauchope NSW 2446

Wauchope - Riverbreeze NSW

3 Riverbreeze Drive, Wauchope NSW 2446



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